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I just inquired about placenta encapsulating to my midwife and she said she can have one of her midwifery students do it for a discounted rate.  Not sure what the rate is, but I tend to be on the anemic end of things and I heard that the placcenta can help AND I like what you said about less post partum bleeding.  With DD I bled for 5 weeks.
I have a water proof mattress cover on the bed already and DH says he has some painter plastic sheets, so we may use that, although I do not really see myself birthing on the bed, but we will see.  I borrowed some old sheets from former SIL and I also bought a set of cheap sheets from walmart for $20 I think.
Wow, busy busy thread!  I am 40 weeks today!  I think I am at the stage that people are just scared of me, afraid that I am going to spontaneously have a baby in their presence..they need to relax.  I am pregnant, I don't have some sort of disease!  I am feeling great though, no signs of labor.  Went in to see my osteopath for my third appointment since she told me that she would be suprised if I made it to the next one, silly osteopath!   DD Sleeping - My DD has...
Good idea on the plastic sheet for the bed.  I have a shower curtain but I also have a brand new king size bed.  Is the plastic sheet something you get at home depot or something?
Silver - Soooo sorry, hope things come together soon and you can put your feet up and relax!  Can you say no to DH's cousin?  Can't they use craigslist or something to look for apartments and then perhaps you or DH can look at ones they are interested in?  Sending hugs your way!
I too am self-employed and will work until labor happens.  Although admittedly, my concentration is not there!  With DD I worked for another company and I gave birth on a Saturday and worked that Friday, it was a desk job though.  I feel like working helps keep my mind off of "when is this going to happen?".  I am 40 weeks tomorrow :)
Congrats Mama and welcome to the world Isaac and Iris! 
WCM - I have heard of that line, but I didn't know the length coorelated with dialation.  I learned about it three weeks ago when my osteopath told me she would be suprised to see me at my next appointment.  The comment about 10cm being a long butt crack made me laugh out loud!   ascher - I LOVE throwing up in my mouth, oh and peeing in my pants!   Not much new here.  EDD is tomorrow.  Starting to get the "where is baby" text messages etc.  I am being nie right...
WCM - I hope tomorrow when I log in there is a post from you saying that baby has arrived and you got the VBAC you wanted!
Alli - Target has great nursing tanks at a reasonable price.  I have aout 8-10 tanks and I just wear them under a regular shirt so I can pull the shirt up and still not expose my tummy.
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