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I totally caved and tested again this AM (6 days late) and it was negative.  Is it possible that my hormones could be totally different than last pregnancy (when I tested positive after 4 or 5 days late) since I am still breastfeeding and that is why it isn't showing up positive yet?  Or maybe the opposite end of things...my hormones are different because of breastfeeding and my whole cycle is messed up and I am not pregnant!  This is only my third PP cycle but the first...
CaliMommy, Good idea on the blood test.  I will try to wait until Tuesday and if it is still negative go from there.  Since I tested positive after 4 or 5 days of being late with DD, I am hopeful to get something on Tuesday, which will be seven days late.  But, that doesn't make waiting any easier!  I am totally paranoid that every symptom is either pregnancy or AF coming and neither happens!  AHHH!!
Good morning! I am five days late and going nuts! I tested again yesterday and still Negative. It is so hard to wait when all I want is to know what is going on with my body!! Whether I an just skipping a period or pregnant I just want to know!! Theban forefront me vent I am going to try my best to wait until tuesday to test again!
Thanks!  I am now three days late, I plan on testing again on Tuesday if I don't get my period.  It is going to be tough not to test, but no sense being wasteful.  Although I do know I tested positive with my DD at 4 or 5 days late. 
Hi again.  My AF is 2-3 days late here.  I tested on Tuesday and Wednesday.  How long should I wait to test again!?!
Congrats SoCaliMommy!    I just tested again and it was negative.  But I looked at my chart from when TTC DD and I was 4 or 5 days late when I finally tested positive.  I am only one day late, so that is a few days away.
Thanks MamatoD.  I guess I will test again on Wednesday if I don't get AF tomorrow.  Good luck with the nightweaning.  My DD amazingly night weaned (slept through the night) on her own in November.  But in January, after a month of Mama and baby being sick, traveling, etc that stopped.  I brought her to her homeopath yesterday in hopes of getting her back on track! 
Thanks Ladies,   I felt so much better after having DD at daycare a few hours yesterday and picking her up.  I told her I loved her and I apologized for losing my temper the previous day and that I was frustrated and tired and the way I handled it was inappropriate.  She is fine, and loving as always.    I had plans to be busy with playdates and family all weekend, but most plans were cancelled because DD was sick and then plans with family were cancelled because...
Hi there! I am supposed to get af today abd I was goig to wait until tomorrow to teat but I tested this morning instead. It was negative. I have some mild cramping so I guess I will just wait and see if she arrives and if not maybe test again tomorrow. Congrats on the positive testers this month!
Hi there,   I have a 2 year old who was sick this weekend.  We had had plans to do a bunch of fun things, but I cancelled or postponed most of them so that she could have a nice laid back weekend.  The first two days were fine and then yesterday I just lost it.  The whining and tantrums were driving me bonkers!!  I finally just yelled at her and went into the garage and slammed the door.  Dramatic moment.  I went to try to get back inside and the door knob wouldn't...
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