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MamaToD - Yeah I have read that EWCM lasting this long can be either anovulatory, but I also have read about women having those symptoms before testing positive for being pregnant!  Let me know what you find when you test!  Good luck!
My first two PPAFs were so heavy that I would bleed through a tampon in an hour, it was awful.  I had my third PPAF at the beginning of this month and it was two days shorter, so I think it is evening itself out.
The same thing has been happening to me this cycle.  I think I ovulated last Friday, but I have had fertile CM for about 8 days now!  I am not sure what it means.  I read on fertilityfriend that it may mean anovulatory cycle.  I hope it means that we are pregnant!
Hi again.  I should be getting my AF on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I think I won't test until Wednesday.  I have had about 8 days in a row of "fertile" CM, so I have no idea what that means, I guess only time will tell!!  Good luck everyone!
Hi, My DD just turned two.  We have been ECing casually since 10 months and then at 18 months I went cold turkey and got rid of our diapers (except at night).  I thought for sure she would be almost 100% going on the potty and telling me when she needs to go, but it has been really up and down.  She does well at daycare, probably because there are other kids there.  At home she is 100% with pooping on the potty and she tells me.  But with pee it is so much work just to...
Hi everyone!  I am on the 2WW.  I think I ovulated on the 18th, but I have not yet mastered the CM tracking, it just seems that there have been many days ina  row of "fertile" CM.  I have been crampy on and off the past couple days, so I don't know what that means either.  We have been pretty good about sticking to the every other day schedule for DTD, except when we were away this weekend staying at my MIL's house!  Good luck to everyone!
Hi Everyone!  I am on CD 15 here.  I am a little confused.  I don't temp yet and have just been using the ovulation calendar ap on my iphone to track my cycle.  According the the ff ap I should have ovulated on 2/14.  But according to the babycenter ovulation calendar it says I should ovulate on 2/18.  I have been trying to pay attention to my CM and it was a little stretchy yesterday and the day before, but no major EWCM.  We have been DTD every other day and I am...
I think this month since I am not temping we are going to try DTD every other day.  I have heard that is a pretty good method.  This month my period seems a little bit different.  The first two periods (including spotting on both ends) were about 8 days.  This month I am on day 5 and it seems like it is almost done.  Kind of nice.  Is that what others have found with their PPAF, that the first few are long and heavy and then is starts to slow down a little?  DD is...
Hi Everyone!  You can put me on waiting to O.  i got my AF three days ago.  This is just my 3rd PPAF and it has been quite regular, but no luck yet.  This month has been pretty crazy.  DD had a nasty stomach bug for 5 days and then i got it.  So, after nightweaning (on her own) for two months, we are back to nursing at least once a night and she is still nursing at least 7 times a day and that is with me doing a lot of distracting.  I am not charting right now, just...
Hi there!  I am now in 2ww, 1 dpo...congrat everyone!
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