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You can move me to waiting to O, I got my period today.  My first PP cycle was 26 days, is that long enough to conceive?  Trying out the Diva cup for the first time today and I am so scared of getting it stuck!
Hi there, happy new year!  I am in 2WW, I think I am 12 dpo. 
Hi there!  Can you move me to 2WW?  I think I o'd on the 21st or 22nd, which would put me at about 6 dpo.  We dtd on the 18th, 19th and 20th, so I don't know if that would have been too far ahead of ovulation.  This is my first month that I have been able to track this since I got my first PPAF earlier this month, so I could be totally off! 
  MayasMama88 - My DD is 22 Months and I just got my first PPAF two weeks ago.  DD had nightweaned (on her own) two weeks prior to that.  Everyone is different, but that is my story!
My daughter night weaned about three weeks ago, and that is sleeping from 7pm to 6am without waking or nursing.  It is a magical thing!  And my first PPAF showed up exactly two weeks after she night weaned.  
Hi again!  Just wanted to update you that after almost 22 months I finally got my AF!  DD nightweaned exactly two weeks ago all by herself and voila!
I got my first pp AF yesterday after almost 22 months!  DD night weaned exactly two weeks prior.  I guess you can put me in "Waiting to o".
Hi There!  I am a nursing mama to an almost 22 month old DD.  I still have not had a postpartum AF, but I think I have some signs that my body is getting ready to ovulate.  We have been casually trying to catch the first pp egg since May.  Not in a big rush, but last month was the first month I was a tad sad when my monthly progo test was negative.  DD just started sleeping through the night 1.5 weeks ago.  It is magical to get so much sleep!  So, you can add me to...
Here are some ideas:  My DD loves prunes, I give her three a day and it has kept her totally regular and happy.  Probiotics are very helpful (purchase from refigerated section).  Pear juice can help and ground flax seed (grind and serve immediately, you could make a smoothie and sneak it in that way too).
Don't know if this helps...My SIL is a dental hygenist and she poked holes in the paci for her DS and he threw the paci in the garbage himself within 7 days.  I guess just so you know that when you decide enough is enough there is a pretty simple way out!
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