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Sorry for the serial posting - I meant to say that my dd liked this book at that age too. She's very private & shy & that book was a good conversation starter for her.
I teach it to my 5th graders in the fall semester. Our district specifies it is to be covered during 5th grade but they don't say when so most of the other nurses actually wait until spring. We are required to use the Always Changing program which may not be just what you'd like to use but here it is - scroll down & you can look at the videos & things online: http://www.pgschoolprograms.com/programs.php?pid=1
The problem is clinical sites - these aren't regulated by school exemption laws, KWIM? If you can't go to clinicals at hospitals then you can't graduate from nursing school.
Some of this might be interesting or helpful: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK7423/ http://www.aan.com/go/education/curricula/family/chapter7/section1 I think that if you're having this pervasive feeling that incidents over time point to something being wrong, it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor about whether a cardiac consult might be something to consider.
Probably not. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/530131/nursing-school-and-vaxing
Pain can definitely trigger a vasovagal response & I think that's likely if you're talking about something that happens immediately upon injection. Certain injectable medications (some antibiotics, steroids etc) are known to be really painful. In terms of vaccines, PCV is probably the most painful. That's why many practices give that vaccine last when administering more than one.
I guess what I'm thinking is that if, like me, all points of view want to enjoy posting on all threads, why have all these subforums? For me personally, it just makes navigation more of a hassle so I rarely even read anywhere but the main forum. I would probably participate in more threads if they were all in one spot instead of being spread out in all of these subforums. And if I felt inclined to have a more insulated support environment, I would probably feel more...
What would be the advantages & disadvantages of separate forums vs. social groups for vaxing, not vaxing, S & D vaxing?
We only got that for our teenagers (and myself) when travelling to a higher risk area. It's not something I would personally be too concerned about at home.
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