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I was recently speaking to an exercise therapist and she said weight traing would be good. I would be developing muscle and that should make me hungry so I wouldn't lose any weight but I would be able to get in shape. I have always been afraid to exercise because I can't afford to lose any weight.
    key no spend necessary spend unnecessary spend     April 16th ... April 17th... $76.00 for gas & $4.98 for a birthday gift April 18th... $200.00 cell phone & $100.00 credit card (should be paid off in 2 months, then I am cutting it up!!) April 19th... April 20th... April 21st... $12.00 had a couple drinks with a friend April 22nd...     Purge the filing cabinet Clean the car Go through the kids books and leave them with only...
WOW, I can't believe I started this thread in 2008 and it is still going!!!   I have kind of an out there question for everyone. How do you exercise and NOT lose weight. I would love to start walking but I have heard that exercising kicks your metabolism into overdrive. I am finally over 100 and maintaining, I really don't want to go back into the double digits.
LOL, AMEN to that!!!!!   ok, here goes.....   Purge the filing cabinet Clean the car Go through the kids books and leave them with only age appropriate stuff organise the under bed boxes, so they arent spilling clothes all over the floor!!!!! make a monthly dinner menu, pasta 3 nights a week is getting to be a bit too much!!! get rid of all the old sporting goods, hopefully by selling it to Play it again sports.   I am sure there will be more, but that's my start!  
Ruthiegirl, I like your idea of having house projects on here as well, kind of a double accountability!!!! Mind if I steal?
a. I am a WOH solo mom to 4 awesome kids. 21DD, 13DS, 10DD, 7DS b. I would like to save enough money in the next year to put a down payment on a house. I will start saving right after I pay off some outstanding bills. (Got a couple of whoppers here :( ) c. I figured out that if I work 60 hours a week I will be able to live off what I make and be able to bank every penny of the kids survivors benefits. I'm a little late in the month, but better late than...
I did this a few years ago, loved it!!!  Can someone point me in the right direction to find either last years thread or the new one for this year. Thanks!!!!!!
My kids have one honorary "auntie" She is my best friend, my soul sister.  DD2 slipped one day and just called her by her first name, well DS2 was having no part of it, he said, " that's AUNTIE Karen!!!!!!!"  Yeah, that got him extra smoochies! LOL
I went down to the local Community College to spend some time with DD1, I knew she had a break in her classes in the morning. Actually got to see an advisor and pick out my classes and got them signed off!! So when registration rolls around I dont have to go all over campus, just right to the registrar and I will be in and out in just a couple minutes!!! YAY!!!
Wow, just wow :(
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