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WOOT WOOT!!!  Just got the e-mail from FAFSA, my expected family contribution is 000000.  Full Pell Grant coming my way!!!  Now if I could just get a couple scolarships, I should be able to do school ful time and work part time instead of the other way around!!!
Any time you need a shoulder that understands, PM me if you want.  It's hard to do it on your own, you don't have to do it alone.
WOW this thread is super inspiring!!!!!   So far today I have: *made breakfast *3 kids out the door to school *showered n dressed (need a new Doc, totally out of thyroid meds, some days even this is a challenge!) *finished knitting DS2's new winter hat *folded and put away 2 loads of laundry
  You need to let the powers that be at subsidised housing that you are now HOMELESS with 2 children.  That staying at your parents house was the very first step up from sleeping in your car.  That may move you closer to the top of the list.  
All I can say is, I had to stay with my mom for a very difficult period in my life.  She was extreamly toxic while I was growing up (read as beatings, favoring one of my brothers to the point that my other brother and I STILL refer to him as the golden child, I don't ever remember hearing her say I love you)  Now that we are all grown up she tries to make it like it wasn't so bad and OUTRIGHT denies that some of these incidences never happened.   That being said, the...
I have one! She is all I need.  No matter what we are there for each other.  Losing a DH through divorces (her x2) and death (mine). Eight kids between us. I talk to every day, at LEAST once a day. I see her about 5 times a week.  I met her in eighth grade, our friendship gets stronger with every year that goes by. She is my soul sister and I would be completely lost without her.
I suggest using the pantry challenge and the no spend threads right here on MDC. I love them! You really look at your spending differently if you know you are going to have to put it out there for everyone else to see. So far the pantry challenge has blown my mind.  I used to go to the grocery store at least twice a week and LOAD up.  I have been twice so far this month and both times was because we were out of bread and milk, so that was all I bought.  I can't believe...
I have 3 hampers in the laundry room.  Dark, white/light and red. I have 1 laundry basket that sits on top of the dryer. When a hamper get full, wash/dry/fold/put away.  Empty basket goes back to the top of the dryer.  I have actually kept up with my laundry for the past 2 or 3 months with this method.
When I looked at the thread title the first thing that popped into my head was, "um.....until about 24?" It is a weird boy/man thing.  They are so proud of the noises they can make and things they can do with their bodies, they can help but show off. I have noticed a significant drop in this behavior in my DS1. He has just this year (12) figured out that a)girls a pretty cool and b)girls DO NOT did stuff like this! As hard as it is to see him reaching this stage in his...
Tonight was chix, beets, green beans and noodles with sauce>
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