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I have found the only way to travel is one day at a time. I know it sounds trite, but it is as honest as I can be. There are good day and bad.  You NEVER know what will set you or the babes off. I really try to look at the positive.  DD2 is 8 now, she was 6 when DH passed away.  She gets very emotional at the drop of a hat. I try to turn it around from, "I miss daddy" to "Remember how funny it was when daddy..." or "Daddy was the best, what is your favorite memory of...
I don't know how low your scar is, but these are super low.  Like so low they don't lose their shape. I wore mine as part of the regular rotation long after DS2 was born!
I fell in love with Old Navy low rise maternity panties.  They are like $6 for a package of 3, 100% cotton and suuuuuuuper comfy!
I am going back to school in the spring and I know I will get a Pell grant. Are there any other grant out there that are available for single moms?
My DD2 is 8, ever since she learned how to talk she has not stopped.  She needs no input from anyone else.  She will monolog for hours on end including singing, chanting, made up voices, making inanimate objects "speak" by the end of the night I swear my ears feel like they are going to bleed.  Now add that to DS1 & DS2 who are here all the time and DD1 who stops by often and a dog that feels he needs his say in this family too, H O L Y  C R A P!!!!!!!!!   Good luck,...
We have always "made fun" of DS2's snore.  He sounds like Darth Vader on very heavy duty steroids!  But a couple nights this week he has been in my bed and I think it is getting worse. Like really worse. It almost sounds like he is suffocating, like the back of his throat is closing and he is forcefully pulling the air past an obstruction.  When he is awake, he can run for hours without a problem.  He doesn't have any asthma issues.  I was wondering if it could be sleep...
Last night was hot dogs, tater tots and broccoli.  Starting to hit the bottom of the freezer in the meat department.   Tonight was scrambled eggs and toast.
= no spend = planned spend = unplanned spend = wasteful spend 2. $5.83 at the grocery store 3. $5.50 washed the comforter at the laundrymat 4. $8.80 at the post office, needed stamps for pen pal letters for the kids! 5. $24.27 at the grocery store 6. 7.   8. 9.   $10.50 at McDonald's for lunch for DD1 and I on our way home from her new primary care dr. in Boston  
Hjrowan, I'm a widowed mama too.  My kids are in school full time so that will make it a little easier.  But I am an impatient person, so my plan is to go full time.  I NEED to do this and get it done! Very recently I have started setting some very high but realistic goals for myself and the only way they will ever be attainable is if I go to school and get a career as opposed to just working another job.
When we told my MIL that #4 was going to be a boy she said, "oh, I really would wish it was another girl." In this totally disappointed tone. I was sooooo pissed, told DH that if she was unhappy with the fact that we were having another boy she could go pound sand and not bother to even acknowledge his existence! (hehehehehe can you say OVERLOAD of preggo hormones!
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