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AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG I have been working on this soaker for a long time (months) and dd2 has found my knitting again and ripped the needle out again. She also slipped probably 100 loops off my ball of yarn. Oh boy, that was fun to untangle. : Thank goodness my mom is coming over later and she will fix it for me. But come on what is the thrill behind this, is it like the forbidden fruit or just messing with mama. Again AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG
hugs to you mama. You are a better woman than I am. I could never in a million years. Karma is a beautiful thing, you will be rewarded!!!
My IL's treat ds1 the same way. I understand them not being totally close to dd1, they met her when she was 7, and not their bio-gd. DS1 can do no wrong in their eyes and dh is way too much of a wuss to stand up to them. They spend way more time with him because "dd2 is just too much trouble" : Maybe she wouldn't be if you treated them a little more equal. Good luck with your situation.
I have one of his children too!!! So does EVERYONE tell you how cute/sweet he/she is? Spend some time buddy before you jump to that conclusion!!!!
So far I have gotten rid of 3 bags of baby clothes 1 bag of toddler clothes 2 bags of my clothes 1 bag of dh's clothes 1 shoe box full of NASTY plastic letters for the fridge that my SIL gave to me : (would it have been too much for you to wash them first? yuck!) 1 bag of under the sink bathroom stuff 1 Jonny jump up 1 infant bath tub That brings me to 11. Woo Hoo, long way to go but I WILL get there before thanksgiving!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Brisen The kids brought home a huge pile of candy. Not one molasses taffy out of all of it. Not a one. I feel your pain. Not one single box of good and plenty came through my door this year. :
I finally took the plunge. If it wern't for a cd'ing friend that loaned me a ton of soakers (ty HelloKitty) I NEVER would have been able to afford the initial outlay of cash. and $20 bucks a week on diapers??????? Never EVER in all my years of disposable diapering did I EVER spend $20 bucks in one week.
I'm in. Hitting the closets today!!!
It's really about how the advice is givin and what is intended. There are some people out there that just want to put you down, IRL and on the net, and there are others that genuinly care and are trying to help. I can usually spot the difference, sometimes it takes a little longer, but the people that are faking it in your life usually float to the top with the rest of the garbage.
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