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I couldn't read that entire thread and not respond. First thing, : you are a seriously rockin' mom : your boy is so very lucky to have a mom that loves, understands and supports him. Second, I think if I were in your position I would run like my butt was on fire to Past_VNE's farm. Every member of your family needs love and support right now and it seems like there is an abundance of it there. Third, Uncle B is behaving like a ua violation. I'm sending you good...
Me either. I was pretty psyched when I got to 1000 and could have a senior title. I've been a senior member for like 2 years now and still nothing!! LOL
Also, keep in mind if anything "Thomas" breaks, the company replaces it for free. I have had both trains and tracks replaced with a serious MINIMUM of fuss.
I always have to worry about maintaining, if I don't I end up looking like the bride of skelator.
Rock on, Kudos to your super bargin shopping!!
This won't help now but save every pair of shorts you have!! My 3.5 year old DS is still wearing his 9-12 month old navy shorts!!
Are there any other widows here? I'm just wondering where I go from here. I feel so lost.
One of the things that i have found to help streamline things in the morning is full outfits ready to go. Sunday afternoon/night we pick out 5 outfits, everything from underwear to shoes and have them ready to go monday morning. That way they can choose what they want to wear that particular day and the cool socks that match the shirt are right there, no digging through the infamous sock basket . Have shoes right next to the front door. Have back packs right on top of...
Anyone???? Anyone?????? I am currently in the hospital (day 15) waiting for a clot in the major vein in my liver to dissolve enough for me to be discharged. They are teasing me with Sunday, please keep your fingers crossed for me. Is there anything I can do to keep blood clots from happening again? Any foods I won't be able to eat on my meds (coumadin)? I'm desperate to be with my children and STAY with them.
New thread, its been a while!! How is everyone doing gaining/maintaining? Does anyone have new ideas or recipes for high calorie dinners and or snacks? :
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