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Quote: Originally Posted by midstreammama Dd, who is almost 29 months, is going thru her 'Damn it' phase :LOL We don't really care that they know the words, dd1 just knows they they are not appropriate for her to say in public. Dd2 soesn't really know any better yet. We have gotten a chukle out of it but, we try not to show it... Yeah, we are going through our dammit!!!!! phase too.
2 weeks?????????????? 3 weeks??????????????? :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL we went like 3 months and the first time the condom broke!!!!!!! so that was it for like another 2 months!!!!!
use bleach, then rinse, rinse, rinse and then rinse again
I have never met a kid that can pee this much at night!!!!! I change his diaper like every 2 hours and he still pees through EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ideas? Suggestions? Share my misery??? LOL
The ethical questions raised by this are HUGE. I don't even think it should be marketed.
yeah, already destroyed my credit trying to stay a float for the last 2 years. and the bank account thing I have a hard time putting money away when the mortgage isn't paid. Just kind of kicking myself in the butt for marrying one of the most self centered people on the planet.
I can't leave. I would be even worse off financially, yes that is possible. But I am in school, hopefully that will bring more money. Then I'll be able to take care of my children and he can go on his selfish way.
Quote: Originally Posted by amarasmom Was he raised by his parents to not be expected to do anything? That would me my dh too!!!!!! He has such a sense of entitlement also. Everything shuld go his way just because he is him!!!!!!!!!
I think that is pretty easy to understand. We are broke. Hon, we haven't paid the mortgage in almost 4 months, we are broke. The cable got shut off and we now have a huge bill to pay before we can get even the most basic cable. We are broke. The car insurance is going to get cancled, again. We are broke. So, dh, if you could please stop buying pot and beer. I feel guilty going to the grocery store. I'm sick of being the only one that has anything to do with...
What is you favorite nursing time? Mine is the late night one. Right before I go to bed. The whole house is quiet and it is just me and little ds. It is just so peaceful. He is usually such a maniac when he nurses, popping off looking around, arms and legs flailing. But late night he is just quiet and content.
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