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It is a simple blood test. They can do it when they are running any of your other tests. And being tired is one thing but being physically exhaused is another. Don't take no for an answer, get the test. They will probably also check you iron levels too.
WOW, that is so wrong. I don't think they give women enough credit. I just saw the ad for the digital pregnancy test the other night to remind me of this. Exactly what is so difficult about one line + negative, two lines = positive. We think we are pregnant, we haven't lost our minds!!!! LOL
Can we have an update on mama and beautiful baby?
WOW!!! I wish I had been given that option. I would have totally gone the snickers route!!!
Mine are for the most part happy about him. DD1 goes back and forth, she is really excite, but at the same time I think she is feeling a bit put out by it all. DS is so thrilled to be having a brother he want's him out NOW!!!! DD2 is so cute. She tripped the other day and landed on a toy on her tummy and came over to me crying while lifting up her shirt, "I hurt my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So I kissed her "baby" and then she kissed mine!!!
Delfina, I saw on the other thread that you are starting a new job. I just started mine!!! It isn't easy to start a new job when you are pregnant. Good luck on your's.
Hi all!!!!! We are doing good. i started a job this week (oh what joy) Baby is doing good, moving tons and growing fast. I'm so glad now that I know for sure that he is a boy. I just feel like I can bond with him more now. Now if DH and I could just settle on a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
and my feet and legs are getting really tired. Anyone have any exercises or ideas to help me out?
I was dragggggggggging tired with my last pregnancy. That's when they found out I had hypothyroidism. Even if tired is the only symptom you have, don't disreguard it.
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty Every time I try to talk to her about how this guy treats her she gets mad at me - same with a mutual best friend that has tried as well. She will get mad and not talk to me or her for weeks or months. Being the mutual friend let me just say, it breaks my heart too. Our friend is an amazing woman and she consistantly sells herself short and falls for these guys that treat her like...
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