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Both of my boys came at 40w1d, so I'm fully expecting this one to come on Aug 24th.  LOL!!!  If she chooses a different day I will be very surprised.
I'm delivering at the hospital that's about 30mins away and VBAC friendly.  :)  They apparently now have a policy where there is ALWAYS an OB on staff.  Maybe not your OB, but an OB since they are VBAC friendly.  That's quite a comfort.  :)   No BHs here.  I've never had a BH with any of my pregnancies.  Just labor contractions.  
So is the final count 24?  And do we have to mail it by June 1st, or have it to Diva by June 1st?  
I mostly EBF, but will pump some also because hubby and the boys want a turn feeding, too.  ;)    These are the supplies I used with my boys, and will most likely have again this time around:   Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags (freeze BM flat for easy storage) Bottles (of your choice) Bottle drying rack Bottle warmer Bottle brush Small soft sided cooler w/ ice pack
QOTD:  I was loving my maternity stuff a lot more before I had to start wearing compression hose.  I'll still wear any of it, but I prefer my black pants since they hide the hose the best (I was wearing them as capris, but turned them back to pants).  
Like I said, both my boys were one day late.  :)
Good for you for walking out!  She was completely disrespectful, and you didn't deserve that.  Sorry, mama. 
My labors with my boys were very similar while also being very different.  With both of them I went into labor at 3am in the morning the day after their due date.  No early labor signs, no water breaking, just being awakened by regular contractions.  With DS1 I labored all day (eventually going to the hospital), and ended up having him vaginally around 9pm.  With DS2 all was going well until about 9am when labor completely stopped (or perhaps it was still going on, but I...
I'm Heather, 34, expecting #3 - a GIRL!! - on 8/23.  :)
Welcome!  I am also a former Mothering member who just rejoined (like two days ago).  So glad you came back!
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