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Hi! We're about to switch from a smaller size of prefolds to a larger size. I want to make sure the small ones are SUPER clean before packing away to store for a few years. Any tips for a really thorough cleaning? Is there anything I should consider when packing them away?
Here is a recipe for a quick chocolate pudding! -1 avocado -1/2 banana -1 Tbsp coconut oil -1/4 c. agave syrup -1/4 c. cocoa powder -1/2 tsp vanilla Blend it all together in the food processor! And yum!
I use the brand Arbonne. It's not organic, but it's all vegan, and it's really lovely. My face is so much nicer since I've started using it, I can go without makeup! It's a little bit more expensive though, but if you have the money, it is worth it.
When I first became vegan, and veganized my dad's lasagne recipe, we would use quinoa instead of the "cottage cheese" layer. We would just cook an equal amount, and mix it with a bit of nutritional yeast.. and it was delicious.
I'd like to have a vegan house, but we live with our BIL, who is not a vegan. He is very considerate of us, though. He rarely brings non-vegan things into the house, and when he does, he cleans up after himself immediately after. But as for guests bringing things in? I think I would try and make sure it was vegan, but, if they wanted to bring it pre-cooked, in it's own dish with it's own utensils, I guess I wouldn't complain.
DS has fallen out of the bed several times, sadly... Our bed is close to the floor though, and he doesn't fall far. In fact, the other day, he rolled out of bed onto the pillows onto the floor, and didn't wake up! I came in to check on him, and there he was, snoozing all curled up on the floor..
Hi all! I need help please... I've cut out caffeine with the intention of donating milk to a milk bank in the future. I didn't go off cold turkey, I slowly reduced the amount I was drinking... I've been 3 days caffeine-free! My only problem is - since day 2, DS has been fussy at the breast. He nurses, then lets go, signs "milk", and then tries again. He repeats this several times. He hasn't slept as well, and I wonder if it's because he's not feeling full. I...
I'm just wondering if there is any kind of database of especially breastfeeding friendly restaurants/cafes in different cities? (Like happycow, but for breastfeeding moms!) The cafe I work at is very breastfeeding friendly! But there are so few nursing moms who come by... I'd like to spread the word! And I'd love to learn of other places that advertise as being baby-friendly.
Have you seen those pacifier buddies? It's a soft toy/blankie that you can attach your pacifier to.. http://www.lebabyshop.com/wubbanub-p...y-giraffe.html Something like that! I think there are many other kinds... Maybe if you were to snuggle with the toy yourself while your baby is nursing to sleep, then slip her the pacifier once he is asleep...She could then cuddle the toy, which is soft and warm and now smells like mama, and still get the sucking satisfaction from the...
Congrats on your new baby Here are my answers to your questions, although I'm sure you will get many more answers! Lots of opinions are a good thing... We kind of 'happened into' co-sleeping. I went ahead and bought a crib and stuff, and we never used it! Co-sleeping just was, and still is, much easier... 1. Napping schedule - as long as your baby is getting enough sleep, it's fine. It's hard to put babies that young on any kind of schedule anyway. I found that with my...
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