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I have the same concerns! We are being gifted a carpet cleaner and I'm trying to find out the best one to buy. In the past we've used a green carpet cleaning company, but I love the idea of having the option to clean more often and not having to do the whole house at once.    There are so many machines! And since I don't want our house to smell like vinegar, I'm thinking of using Bac-Out, which we already use for puppy accidents. How do you do it, though?  Thanks!
These need a new home. It's a beautiful set- the sunlight shines through them and adds so much to block creations. They are in perfect condition.http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/seo/ca|productSubCat~~p|RE888~~f|/Assortments/Lakeshore/ShopByCategory/blockplaymanipulatives/viewall.jsp $30 shipped in US Thanks!
We have a gorgeous castle and knights that need a new home. The castle is very large and includes walls with stairs and a huge working drawbridge! All knights are hand carved in Germany. These are from Nova Naturals and are so beautifully made! Your child will enjoy them for years! We have: -Fortress Castle http://www.novanatural.com/playing/castle/fortress-castle.html  -King Henry and his horse http://www.novanatural.com/playing/castle/king-henry.html -Sir...
That about says it. We have tons. I pass along lots to friends, but would really like to try to sell some of them. I have perfectly good books, most in new condition ( we have one gentle little boy, and very generous family members). I've tried Powell, but just listed 25 books and they will only take 3, for a grand total of $4. I don't really need paperback swap credits... Thanks in advance!
While I agree that of course a child will have to communicate with others outside of the family, I really doubt that a two year old , particularly one with any developmental/language issues, would have an agenda to deliberately not do so. He's doing the best he can, and if he leans on his Mom, okay. I don't think there is anybody better to read ,and respond to, a child. Therapists and the right therapy can be wonderful and extremely helpful, but it doesn't seem from your...
These boxes are awesome- we used them for years! Full of great hands-on activities and interesting writing prompts and objects. Boxes are a little dented but all items are in perfect condition! I have the People Long...
Okay, first off, thanks to everyone who has offered some help. I haven't been able to find any research that I trusted, so I thought coming here might be helpful. My son has had some strange leg issues, see this http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1361504/does-anybody-have-experience-with-this-please-help-high-ck . He is being followed by a neuromuscular dr now, and she is the one who has recommended the flu shot ( and I wonder if that then means we all should get it,...
We like this http://www.thesafeside.com/   It teaches kids in a way that empowers them, and has catchy songs which help get the messages across. You learn strategies and there are phrases ( like "safe side circle", and "kind of knows" ) that kids really remember.
My son's doctor has recommended a flu shot for him this year. He's ten, and never had one. He has had some possible episodes of recurrent myositis and she says flu is a common cause of that. Can anybody help me with this decision? Thanks!
Thank you- I hope he sees it!
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