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Does anybody combine these two programs? Is it too much to do? TIA!
  Heather- Whats the gifted outdoor math? That sounds cool!
We are technically doing second grade now, but really homeschool year round so I am looking into our home stretch and making some adjustments, so wanted to join in if thats okay....   We use Oak Meadow, loosely.I am finding some challenges with that, but really do like it for the most part. We've used Christopherus second grade math and I also use a more traditional workbook-type program.   We've added in some concepts from Moving Beyond the Page and I am happy with...
  We have some of the same furniture and I'm in the process of switching our room around a bit. Tomorrow I'm going through books! Could you post pics?     In our room we have a huge desk with computer/printer, two tall bookcases that hold my teaching books on the shelves and supplies for math/science underneath in the cabinet. We have 2 low ikea shelves with the pull out bins, the little shelf mounted on the wall, and a large table/chairs. We have our blocks and...
Have you read any of Barry Kaufman's books? He is famous for Sonrise- written many years ago about his son.  He and his wife run this http://www.autismtreatmentcenter.org/  
  I was just going to post this same question- so decided to join in if its okay. We are thinking of moving to Florida in a year( or 2). We live at a beach in New England now. I honestly think I need to be somewhere near water- beach? Somewhere else to swim and hang out?...but, have no idea where to start. We need a gay friendly, homeschooling community- Thanks in advance!
When my son was younger ( he's now 8) we put whatever he wanted to up in his room- that was his space where things could be safe from playdates and  other children I cared for in my home. I encouraged this because I never wanted him to feel like he "had" to share everything that may be special to him. Who wants to do that?   Oh, and one of my favorite things is the solid pine coffee table we had when ds was young. It is all scratched and dented from play!
  Some of the things you mentioned would concern me too, particularly given your family history, but it seems as though he is also showing some good skills, particularly with regard to imitation/play.   How does he respond to disruptions or unsolicited intervention with his routines? His play? Can you get a game going of throwing balls in a bucket-handing them to him- and what might he do if you stop? Will he try to get a ball from you? Will he go get one from across...
Second grade in OM too, with Mr. Place Value  :)
  We've always supplemented OM math to add variety. I like Christopherus, which is done in blocks and has a great Waldorf flavor and imo blends beautifully with OM.
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