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If your kids aren't frustrated or looking for organization, I wouldn't touch it. If they seem frustrated the I would involve them in deciding how to organize- asking how they would like things grouped ( by theme, color, category, whatever). In our house we have an Ikea area rug that's about 3 feet by 5 feet in front of the play bins so everything can get dumped on there. Since its in the playroom, I only ask him to clean it up on vacuum day, about twice a week. In his...
I think it is a great thing to look at each individual child and make a decision about where they are and what they need, instead of just moving kids along because they have btdt. Why does it concern you?
I just got around to checking these all out and I am excited to try one of these plans. I love the idea of not being tied to a year or two contract! I'm even looking at one that is to pay only on days you actually USE the phone. Don't know if I can swing that but who knows- it would be a huge monthly savings. Seriously do I really need it? Thanks everyone- you've been very helpful!
Well, I need it for emergencies. But I use it regularly, too. I never use all my minutes....tx
Hey Mamas! Our wireless phone contract is up and I want to find the best deal. I don't need tons of minutes, but would like to be able to text without an additional charge. We have FIOS for internet and tv... What about the prepaid phones- are they any good? TIA I am lost trying to figure this out- too many options
When our son was that young we didn't use any school books. We bought him tons of regular books whenever we could, and let him choose almost anything. We continue to add to our home library, and now that he's seven have an awesome collection of books. At that young age you might try open ended toys that will let him create and do however he wants. Wooden unit blocks and a block building book, Quadrilla, good musical instruments. Little ones, no matter how...
Thanks for the link. I had seen that thread, but because it is 2 years old I was trying to find out something more. So, I take it you like it if you're not selling it?
Does anybody use this? can anyone offer some info? I've been looking for it for awhile but the site isn't working so am thinking of trying to get it used, but without the site I'm not exactly sure what it is or what I need to buy....TIA!
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