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Thanks ladies. I'm still trying to figure things out. My ND has been hesitant about doing further testing. My mid/right abdominal area is very tender to the touch. Can really hold my baby on thet side bc her legs make it uncomftoable for me. I'm thinking my first step will be a abdominal ultrasound. The tenderness is scary :(  
Thanks for the support and kindness. Whats the best way to check gallbladder? I'm doing a stool test tomorrow and considering a colonoscpy. Feeling better today but very constipated.   
On and off for the last month or so I've been having a burning,gnawing senation with some nausea in my upper abdomen area. Usually my bowels are "different" during this time as well. Different meaning constipation and loose stools all at the same time. It lasted for a week this last time and now it's back again. Worse than ever. For 4 days now I have this constant pressure in my rectum and although I'm having a movment at least once a dayy I still have this pressure. It...
Will he drink bone broth? It's full of minerlas and great for any illness. I don't know why the doctor would advise sugar. That's the worsthting to consume while sick. It will just lower his immune system further. IF he needs "sugar" why not do some raw honey in some warm tea? Just an idea. I know it's scary to see our little ones not eating but sometimes the body is better off focusing on healing rather then digesting. I would be more concerend about him getting enough...
Oh I do use salt :) Maybe just not enough  
Intersting. I will try but it's almost like they're raw inside. Lets hope it works!    
So barium swallow didn't show anything besides some reflux. mucosal lining looked good tho so no damage there either. Next I'm dong an OATS test. My bloodwork for other autoimmune issues came back negative. Hashis antibodies are non detectable.    I wonder how accurate the OATS test is?  What other tests can I have done?     
Exactly what happened with me too. My hair loss was really bad with my second child. Have you had your thyroid checked? Mine always goes bonkers after pregnancy too. Getting that under control will help with hair loss if it's an issue with you.  
I'm pretty good at using my neti pot but I took about 6 weeks off due to travel. I just used it again yesterday and let me tell you it was SO PAINFUL!!! I put just a sprinkle of sea salt too instead of my normal 1/4 tsp. It burned so bad I mean so bad. Made my eyes water and I could not continue doing it. I tried again in the morning with even less salt and it still really burned. I could feel so much  pressure in my head too. What could be going on?    I have...
I know my adrenals are shot I'm sure. I have slept since I had my second child so 16 months now. the last 6 weeks has been the worst with no sleep. these sensations of not breathing keeping me up all night. So naturally I have anxiety about even going to bed at a decent hour.  It's not really pain it's a constant pressure and tightness in my chest. You're right tho someting could be trying to get my attention. I was very stressed in Japan before all this started. DD2 got...
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