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Thanks, Shannon! It worked!
The photo link isn't working for me! I keep receiving a message that I'm not a member of nycnursein.
Hi Beth, Please give us an update when you can. to you and your family!
Quote: Originally Posted by HydeParkB We're using Avent also. I've only been back at work for 5 days, and she is disliking the bottles more and more - we didn't really have any problems with the occassional bottle when I was running errands or taking a nap. We're seeing if changing to the faster flow nipple helps. HydePark, Actually, you should always use newborn nipples for breastfed babies, no matter how old they are. Otherwise, if the...
One of our company mail guys, an older man, walked in on me pumping. It was last winter, and I was wearing a very heavy sweater. The sweater was very bulky, so I took it completely off, opened my Bravado bra, and was wearing my Easy Expressions bra-with-holes-thingy to hold the bottles in place. I didn't realize that my door was unlocked. I was just typing away when he knocked. I said "Yes?" and he opened the door. I yelled, "No, No! Don't come in!" threw my hands...
I didn't see it and I'm glad. I would have been very upset.
Okay. I understand. I didn't want to just disappear, but my dad just called to say that my grandma died, so I will be away from the computer for a few days.
Quote: Originally Posted by tayndrewsmama There seems to be all too much of the attempts to "beat one into submission" for their opposing views on MDC lately. I am not saying that BklynJen is doing that, but I can seriously see this headed that way. I see what you're saying. I guess I just thought that this forum was for breastfeeding support and advocacy, rather than being judgemental about "excuses" not to breastfeed.
I have a DF who was the victim of sexual abuse and is unable to breastfeed. The abuse happened in her adolescence and mostly involved her breasts. She has been in therapy for twenty years. When she was pregnant with her first, she thought that she would of course breastfeed. After her daughter was born and she began breastfeeding she started having horrible traumatic flashbacks and suicidal thoughts. She decided to pump and rented a hospital grade pump. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by Greaseball I've heard of sexual abuse and "a deep-seated aversion to the idea of breastfeeding" as psychological reasons why someone would not bf. But they can pump. Even if they have to formula-feed as well, even if they can only pump an ounce a day...that baby could still have an ounce of breastmilk each day. Better than none at all. Quote: Originally Posted by my~hearts~light I don't think...
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