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I am so lost. My 4 yo DD and 20 mo DS wake up almost immediately if I get up from the bed after they have fallen asleep, at nap and night. I am practically a single mom and I have gone back to school. I can not get my school work done because I can't get back up. Also, my 4 yo won't/doesn't go to bed until I do, therefore in order for her to get a decent nights sleep, I have to go to bed early. What can I do? How can I possibly begin to move them to their own...
I am looking for like minded families near Fairview TN. Both of my children nurse, ( 4yo at night and 21 mos nap and night) They also co-sleep. No spanking.
Any suggestions with that time line? 
My 3 yr old will nap for at least an hour in ideal circumstances.  My 6 mo old will also nap about an hour.  They both nap longer when I am laying there with them.  Especially the 6 mo old.  He will occasionally stir and then nurse back to sleep.  I've enjoyed a family bed but I don't particularly want it until they are teens. 
She usually naps around 1:30 but I don't want her napping after 3:00 because of going to bed at night. 
I am a stay at home mom.  I have a 3 yo and a 6 mo old.  I am having a difficult time right now because their naps are not at the same time.  I can't figure out how to get my 3 yo to sleep when my baby is not ready for a nap.  My 3 yo still nurses at nap and bedtime.  Suggestions?   The 6 mo old naps at 10, 2 or 3 and sometimes at 6 p.m. 
This is my second child.  He is 2 weeks old today.  He is breastfed.  I am not having any success with Butt Paste.  I need other suggestions for his very red butt.  It isn't a raised rash. 
My daughter has started staying awake until 10 pm.  We have a consistent routine at night including no TV at least an hour before 8:30 bed time.  My daughter sleeps with my husband and I.  We read stories in bed, etc.  Then lights out in our dark bedroom.  She nurses the usual length of time then sits up and says "MA UP".  She and I have to get up and leave the bed because my husband has to go to work in the morning.   We go into her bedroom.  I lie down and she quietly...
My partner and I have a queen size bed. Our daughter has slept with us from the beginning, however, she is obviousy getting bigger and tosses much more. She also nurses frequently during the night. The nursing seems to be a comfort more than hunger. In any case, we can't afford a bigger bed. If I do try to move her to her crib how do I do it lovingly? Suggestions for the situation needed.
I am an at home mom living with my parents and going to school online fulltime. I have a 9 month old daughter. My mother helps me alot with her care, however, I am clearly her primary caregiver. For the last month, my daughter crys, sometimes sobs, when she sees my mom and my mom doesn't pick her up. If I am holding her and she sees my mom she will cry. My mom doesn't encourage this behavior. It does hurt my feelings even though no one is intentionally trying to...
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