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  Sianna 6 weeks
Congratulations!  He is beautiful and I hope he gets to go home with you soon.   As far as thinking about how his experiences outside the womb thus far will imprint his life ...while he has not had the most gentle introduction to this world it sounds as though he had an amazing experience growing inside you as well as an amazing birth.  That counts for a lot!    Also, I believe that Elena Tonetti (made Birth as We Know It) who is very vocal about how early...
Yeah!  Glad everything went smoothly.  Things are still working well for us too.     
Thought I would bump this up and just share real quick that I just nursed my 3 yr old to sleep while nursing my 11 day old.  They both fell asleep at the breast at the same time.  The power of breastfeeding!  It makes me feel great that I was able to meet both of their needs at the same time.   Also, I am loving not having sore nipples with my newborn.  I had 3 months or so of sore nipples with my first and it is so great not to have to go through that...
Hi, I am 10 days in to being a mom to two kids...a 3 yr old boy and newborn girl.  It has been challenging to say the least, and I have even had a lot of help from family, although my husband did have to work all week, so I thought it would be helpful to start a support thread on here for other moms who have a newborn as well as another child/other children.   My 3 yr old is enjoying being a big brother I think and is very sweet to his sister.  However, he has...
Congratulations!  So glad you had a great birthing experience this time.  I totally agree that being able to move as necessary during the contractions help manage the pain.  My worst contractions the first time I gave birth were when I needed to be still for something and this time I refused to be still for anyone or anything.  Enjoy your baby!
I agree with everyone else.  Act as though she isn't coming and if she does don't make any apologies for things looking like they do.  You have your hands full and much more important things to do than clean the house for her or stress about her visit.  Good luck and feel free to vent more!  This is a safe space.
I requested as well!  Great idea.
I followed my gut and we all had a great night sleep.  Thanks for responding Marine Wife and it turned out exactly the way you thought it would.  First of all my husband had work to do when he got home from work last night so I successfully attempted to put my 3 year old to sleep all by myself with the baby in there too and it worked which was a huge shock.  I nursed my 3 year old for about 5-6 minutes and then said I could snuggle him to sleep ...I rolled over and...
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