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My c-section was scheduled for 36 weeks and 4 days because of a complete previa. I started bleeding at 36 weeks so thats when my OB decided to do the c-section. Everything went great baby was fine and started breasfeeding right away. Good luck
Congrats to you! It's refreshing to hear a c-section story where the mom is not all depressed about it. In less than a week, I will have my third child but first c-section! I'm a little nervous about the surgery but at the same time really excited. I can't wait to meet my baby!! Hopefully I will recover as well as you did
I have a friend who is a physical therapist and she specializes in pelvic pain. I know she has helped a lot of women with similar issues. I think you should give it a try Best of luck
I hope everything goes well for you. I had a great induction with my first after my water broke and I wasn't in labor over 24 hours later. From beginning of induction to birthing my baby was about 12 hours. About an hour before the birth, I ended up asking for an epidural because the pain was too intense but I don't necessarily blame the induction for that. I think no matter what, first labors are always longer and more painful so you will probably do just fine since you...
Thanks for the info but I think at this point in my pregnancy, I would rather stay with my OB and she doesn't deliver at Mary Birch.
I'm 31 weeks pregnant and have to plan a c-section for complete placenta previa. I'm trying to decide which hospital would be best to have a c-sec at. Anyone have any experience? I'm worried about being separated from baby and I would love to be able to hold him right after he comes out. Also, I would like a good NICU because there is a chance he could be premature. It would be really helpful if someone had a c-sec at either hospitals or if you know someone who did and...
MeepyCat, that makes more sense. I didn't know the OR was so cold.  Yes I only have one support person (my family lives in another country) and I would rather my husband stay with the baby so I guess I will be alone in the OR  
Thanks MeepyCat for the good info. Was your first bleed at 32 weeks or did you have smaller ones before that? Was it a complete previa? Were you able to exclusively breastfeed even if your baby was premature? Thanks!
Hi Parsley, Thanks so much for all the info. The MRI didn't show accreta. I have 2 other kids and never had a c-sec before so accreta is unlikely but my doctor is still worried a bit because the placenta covers the cervix completely and hasn't moved at all. I visited the hospital and according to a nurse, the only time the baby and me will be separated is when they stitch me back up because the ER is too cold for a baby???? That doesn't make sense to me so I will...
Hi Parsley, thanks so much for the reply. I am now 29 weeks and still haven't bled at all. Placenta hasn't moved one bit. I still have a few questions for you. I was told my baby is transverse. Apparently very common with a previa because the placenta doesn't allow the head to come down. Was your baby like that too? Did it make the c-section more complicated? Also, they will have to cut through the placenta to get the baby out. Is that what they did for your c-scetion?...
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