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Congrats Meganlisbeth You can move me to 2ww...I'm almost certain I O'ed yesterday. It will be a long wait. Hopefully I won't start testing at 6 DPO like last time
I would like to join the tribe!!! I will be 12 DPO on New years eve but I don't know if I will be able to wait that long to test. I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating today because I had a + OPK yesterday and the day before. Just waiting for the temp shift tomorrow I guess Good luck to all!!!
I've been taking 100mg of B6 since the beginning of my cycle (I'm on CD 19 and I think I'm ovulating today) and I have been getting mild nausea. I wonder if it could be B6 because I never have nausea and this cycle is my first time taking B6
I've read that the best time to BD is the day of ovulation. So what if I O in the morning and we BD in the afternoon, is that still considered good timing or was is too late?
I experience the same thing 2-3 days before AF. The cramping increases with exercise. It always makes me nervous too.
Those of you who use progesterone cream to increase LP, was it prescribed by a doctor or is it something you did on your own? I know I can buy some at my health food store but I'm just wondering if it's better to consult with my OB first. This cycle, I'm trying B6 but if it doesn't work, I would like to try something else. Is it even safe to use progesterone cream while breastfeeding?
I get phantom kicks before AF too!!!! What is that?? It totally looks like I am pregnant and there is a baby kicking. The other day I actually started asking myself if I could be pregnant and not know about it.
Socalimommy...looks positive to me but I don't know that brand of test.
thanks for the help...I think I will take and extra B6 vitamin on top of my B Complex
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