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anyone here has short LP or LPD because of breastfeeding? I charted for the first time this month and realized my LP is only 7 days long. I BF my 15 month old about every 3 hours day and night. Any advice is welcome to try and increase the length of my LP. I heard about B6 and Vitex. What worked for you???
I have a yeast infection and just went to the store and got a Monistat treatment. On the box it says to ask a professional before using if you are BFing. Anyone knows if it's ok to use. My son is 15 months and nurses 6-7 times a day. What do you think?
I think I have a short LF (7 days) because of breastfeeding. Is there anything I can do besides weening and medication to make me O earlier ? Would taking maca help in any way?
It is possible I o'd earlier. I had a hard time with the OPK's, don't think the results are reliable. My period came back 6 months ago so I didn't think getting pregnant would be a problem
I had high hopes I would be pregnant this months but I think AF is here (my temps dropped and I am spotting). This month was also my first time charting and I realize that if it really is AF, it means my LF is only 7 days long. Too short for implantation right ? I guess it is because of breastfeeding but besides weening, which I don't want to do, what can I do ?? I heard of Maca. What do you think? Should I start taking it now ? Here is my chart if you want to see...
When my baby was 6 months old, I really questioned the recommendation of giving highly processed fortified cereal as a first food. In fact, my baby has never had those kinds of cereal. I did a lot of research into this and to me, what made more sense was to give my baby natural sources of iron as a first food like meat and liver.
I know being fit is supposed to help in TTC but does anyone know if exercising too much can make it harder to get pregnant? I wonder because I exercise every other day (usually spin class at the gym). I know it sounds silly but I always wonder if I move around too much to allow fertilization or implantation to occur.
I have EWCM at 5 DPO. Why ??? I though it was supposed to show up before ovulation when your levels of estrogens are high. fertilityfriend just gave me 34 points as an early pregnancy sign. Have you ever experienced this before? What does it mean?
My friend works as a physical therapist and treats those conditions all the time. She gets really good results. Having sex shouldn't be painful. I think you should look into PT.
ok...thanks for the reply. I'm sure you are right, but I want to be pregnant so bad that I think I pay way too much attention to every little thing that's going on with my body. I will update in a few days with the testing results...
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