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I'm 29, nursing #1 and this month will be our 1st try at TTC #2
thanks Leilamus, I will check with the midwife I was planning on going with
Same thing happened to me...my water broke and 36 hours later, I still wasn't in labor. I was scared for the risk of infection and my MW didn't even seem to know what to do which got me even more scared so I decided to go to the hospital and was induced. The pain was unbelievable until I asked for an epidural 10 hours later at 8 cm. I had my baby 2 hours later. But I always wondered if I made the right decision by going to the hospital. Next time, I'm getting a MW that...
I recently decided to have a homebirth so I looked into my insurance and found out it doesn't cover it because I have HMO. So, I called to switch to PPO and was told I can switch but it will only be effective january 1st. So I'm considering seeing an obgyn until then because I hate paying when it can be free. That means I would see an OB for the first 5 months of my pregnancy and than switch to MW. Do you think it's ok to do that or do you think I should see a MW from...
I was at a birth center and the CNM always palpated my belly and she could tell right away that the baby was head down. Unfortunately, I ended up being transfered to the hospital and the OB didn't even touch me. She did an US to make sure the baby was head down. It is crazy that they now have to rely on machines for everything!!!
You can probably find some if you go on eatwild.com
I actually tried to make yogurt with my BM. I think I didn't leave it out long enough because it was kind of runny...but tasted like yogurt. By the way, it was for my baby.
I'm looking for a traditional creme brulee recipe. Anyone has one? Is it even possible?
I am a french canadian and have been living with my american husband in the U.S for 3 years now. I like it here but I really wish I would fit in more. I miss my friends and family, but I wouldn't want to go back to Canada. The weather is WAY too nice here in California and I always hated winters growing up. We are trying to raise our DS in both french and english but I'm scared he will stop speaking french to me when he starts school ( he is only 15 months old). I think...
I'm on day 1 and my cycle can last anywhere from 26 to 31 days... can't wait to start trying!!!
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