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I had the same problem, but my DS was only 8 months old. He nursed so much at night that he would always wet the bed. Also, he would wake up in the middle of the night to play and it was impossible to put him back to sleep. So I decided he would sleep in his own bed. Sharing a bed just didn't work for us anymore. The first night he slept in his crib, he woke up every 3 hours to nurse so a huge improvement. The problem is, he is now 14 months old and still wakes up every...
Good for you, keep us posted on your progress. Great job!!!
I just bought a whole house water filter called Aquasana. Initially, I was thinking to get a separate under the counter filter for drinking water (to filter the fluoride) but here is what a sales person at Aquasana told me: "Our systems do remove 2 of the 4 fluorine isotopes giving you a 40-60% overall reduction. The portion of the fluoride our system filters out is the synthetic portion, while leaving in the naturally occuring fluoride." So what do you think? Would...
My husband and I love hot sauce but I have never made my own. Since I have so many jalapenos in my garden, I was thinking about making some. Is it possible to make fermented hot sauce ??? I would like if it could last a long time. Any recipes ?? Thank you
I wouldn't use agave nectar as a sweetener. I read about it in WAPF magazine and I guess it's no better than HFCS but they try to market it as a healthy sweetener...
Wow you are lucky. I think those restaurants are very rare!!!
I am so addicted to cream, I just ordered 24 pints of Organic Pasture raw cream. I guess i will make lots of ice cream this summer!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Magelet cristeen, I think your overpaying. I pay about 3.50 or 3.75 a pint (or 7ish a quart) of straus (which is grassfed but pasturized). (not to hijack the thread) Straus is cheap because it's pasteurized. If you don't live next to a farm you have to buy your raw cream at the whole foods store and it cost about 11$/pint here in California. The only other option I found was to order it online for about 8$/pint....
I never skim it because I like to drink whole milk. I just mix it in
You can also make ice cream 3 cups cream 3 egg yolks 1/2 cup maple syrup 1 tbs vanilla extract 1 tbs arrowroot put in the ice cream maker and in 30 minutes you have amazing vanilla ice cream!!!
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