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I just got about a tbs of kefir grains from a culture club. It was given to me in a water bottle. I drained them and put them in 2 cups of raw milk. I was told it would take 12 to 24 hours to culture but after 24 hours on my counter...nothing. The milk still tastes like milk and is not any thicker. Are my grains bad? What should I do?
my 2 yo still doesn't know what candy is. He LOVES Kombucha, homemade yogurt, eggs, salmon, raw butter (he eats it with a spoon) and liver pate on sourdough bread. Everyone feels so bad for him...but he is happy and healthy and that is all that matters
I had a m/c because of short LP (probably because of nursing). I finally got pregnant when DS was 20 months old using vitex and B6 to increase LP length. Be aware though that getting pregnant will decrease your milk supply DRAMATICALLY (at least it did for me) and now at 18 weeks pregnant, we are down to nursing only twice a day and I just realized that my milk is all gone
just turned 30
It seems to me like you have organ prolapse. When you were pushing your baby out during delivery, it pushed your cervix down into the vagina. You should see a doctor about this. They can prescribe a pessary to keep it up which I think would help you a lot. Also, I have a physical therapist friend who specializes in that sort of problem so it is another route you can choose.
I hope I'm in the right forum. My husband and I would like to get some chickens (I think we will start with 2) for our backyard but we know nothing about taking care of them so I have a few questions. I think my husband will try to build a tractor coop so we can move it on our backyard lawn. So here are the questions: -if the chickens can eat grass and bugs, what else do I need to feed them? -is it easy to find soy free and organic chicken feed? (I live in San Diego...
Hi JessieBird! I just noticed you are from Quebec...I'm from Quebec too (Montreal) but now live in California. Sorry about your low TSH. Mine wasn't nearly as low as yours. It was 0.364 but my doctor had me do a T4 and the results were within normal. I have now transferred all my care to a midwife so I never discussed my low TSH numbers with the doctor but my mw didn't seem concerned at all. I researched online what could cause low TSH and I found out that severe...
yes I also heard that vitex can take 2-3 months to take effect so if it doesn't change your LP the first month it's no big deal. I also read that vitex can help with PMS so it would probably be good for you. If you get pregnant though, I would check my progesterone levels because if it's too low I think you could lose the baby so talk to your OB about it. Good luck!!
I am not having twins and my dates are not off according to the U/S. So.....I don't know, I feel like nursing could be part of the problem but not sure. I'm really thinking about weaning because anyway I don't feel like I have a lot of milk left...we will see
I am desperate to find a "cure" to my morning sickness. With my first, I felt great after the first trimester. This time, I still feel very sick and I am 15 weeks pregnant. I can't live like this much longer. I am wondering if breastfeeding could make my m/s worse. Anyone knows ? But at the same time, I don't even know how I would wean DS. BF is the only way I know of putting him to sleep...please tell me it will get better
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