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Congrats again!  She's beautiful!!  Love her name, too.
Congratulations!!  I'm looking forward to hearing more when you are feeling up to it!
Congratulations!!  Beautiful name and beautiful story!!
Great updates Holly and sweetestday!  Holly, I'm so glad you're doing well emotionally.  And I hear you both on the cold weather and not wanting to go out with the baby.  Our little girl is less than a week old, though.  We probably won't go out before our first out of home midwife appointment, even though I'm a bit antsy!  Sweetestday - that's great you're getting some rest!   Do you feel comfortable with/ are you happy with your birth experience? Very!  I'm still...
Welcome Josie and Jase!!  I'm so sorry you had such a traumatic experience and I can't imagine how hard it is not having your sweet babies at home with you.  It sounds like you're being great advocates for them now though and that they're getting stronger and stronger.  Hopefully they will be home with you soon!!
Thanks everyone!!  Looking forward to reading all about your upcoming births as well!     I believe it!  And I knew this, too.  In the moment though, I honestly thought I was about to have a very large BM (sorry, so not pretty).  It's a very confusing sensation in the moment!
Congratulations and I'm glad things have improved for your little one!!
Here's the story!    Friday morning I woke up feeling crampy.  Nothing unusual and it went away.  Then DH, DD and I headed downtown to have an ultrasound (long story that I didn't have a chance to share here but we decided to have an extra look at baby before home birth since I was diagnosed impaired glucose tolerance).  Baby looked fine but the ultrasound was annoying and painful for my back.  We walked around the mall a bit afterward and then came home.  No...
  Haha, I actually thought about this the next day!   Everything went just as I listed actually. 
Isla Josephine born at 4:19 am at 37 weeks 5 days.   7lbs 10 oz. and 20 inches long.  Labour was less than 2 hours long and midwife arrived just in time.  I was basically crowning when midwife arrived.  More details later!  The rest of the house is sleeping so I should be too!   Best wishes to everyone else!!  Hope we hear about some more babies soon!!
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