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I've just been walking a minimum of 30 minutes per day the past 2 weeks and I feel so much better than I did weeks ago pain wise.  I've moved and now have a 10-15 minute walk to the Subway in the morning and evening.   I'm officially on Mat leave now though.  I'll have to keep up the daily walks!
Here I am at 36 weeks (taken almost a week ago...will be 37 weeks on Monday!)  
Everyone looks so amazing!!!
Good luck!!
Was it bloody mucous?  I had DD exactly 4 days to the hour that I saw bloody mucous last pregnancy.  Unfortunately, they do say that you can continue to lose bits of mucuous for weeks....but if it was something large and significant, I couldn't help getting excited too!  Good luck!
Birth date: Feb. 4, due Feb 11.  (DD was born 2 weeks before EDD) Gender: Guessing girl!  If it's a boy, he might not be named for a week... Weight: 8lb6oz Labour length: 1-2 days of "practice labour" with an active labour of 2 hours (active labour was 4 hours for #1 with only regular BH leading up to it)
I had them with DD while breastfeeding for the first few days (which was around the clock anyway!) and while they were painful, they were manageable.  I think I was taking ibuprofen though.  I will likely do the same and add heating pads and hope they aren't worse this time!
Do they have the option to send it to you or to their own address?  If I had a choice and I chose to send the gift directly to the recipient, I would assume they would open it when they received it.     And I agree with this.   Have fun at your shower!
I had a big crying fit in the days after our move because I was too nervous/excited/stressed to sleep for a few nights.  Lack of sleep will do that to you.  I did get weepy in the week leading up to labour last time too...hope your baby stays put a while longer odinsmama.   As for me.  SO much pressure on the bladder.  All day every day.  Lots of trips to the bathroom in the day and night.  I think it's affecting my water intake too because it's hard to drink when...
New Posts  All Forums: