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Also builds with straw connectors or crazy forts, but both are plastic. Also likes planks, not sure what they are really called, but they are wood planks that you build with. Now that I think of most independent play that my son does is build things
My 8 yr old plays alone by drawing or lego, and that is pretty much it. He is a huge fan of lego.
you could casually in a group conversation in the lunch room say something about trying to TTC or hope to have a baby by time child 1 is x old, or hoping for xspacing between your kids, or something like that, if that is the type of thing that might come up without you bringing it up.
my child started violin at 6, and with the bow from the first lesson on. The teacher was very qualified, but I think better for older kids. The first year was the hardest year, we switched teachers the next year, to a different very qualified teacher and the fit was much better.  It is a process the first year to figure how it all works into your life. I agree with other posters, what makes it much easier:   practice same time everyday so it is part of your...
I think there are a few different things in your post that seem to bug you. Mother-in-law, cousin and the sick kids. I totally get not wanting to expose your child to more illness, especially a stomach bug. But on the other hand, with three kids, I can tell you I have had times where I have gone out with sick kids, because if I made the decision to not go out because one person was sick, the entire family wouldn't have left the house for months, especially the year we...
yes, there are lots of examples of this and they relate to how one person's decision relates to the health of other people. Public health mandates people be treated for active infectious TB, you have to give contact information to public health if you have HIV and certain other infectious diseases. If you have confirmed measles disease, public health will be looking for contact information. Certain infectious disease require quarantines. Not all are infectious disease...
Do you have fences in your neighborhood. The general rule in ours is that you don't go in the backyard, unless that family's kids are out playing. Everyone has fences as well, so that helps. I think if you just lay down the law and say clearly  (to all the kids, so are not singling them out). We are going to do this, and if you can't follow the rules, then you leave our yard. and follow through. Probably after being sent away a couple of times, the issue will be over.
I've tried buying more expensive jeans too, and it didn't help. Still only got 4-6 months out of  a pair of pants, Now at 10 its not happening anymore.
The reading level isn't high, but they are really funny. I enjoyed them myself. My child had read them all in grade 3 as the teacher had the set in the class room.  The content isn't really something that I think would be suitable for grade one. I think even in grade 3, some was lost on my child. You probably find them funniest if you are in, or post junior high age.
I had 3 hospital birth, 2 natural (natural as in vaginal birth with no pain medication). The biggest difference with the natural births was not being induced. Also had midwife for the 2 natural births and hired a doula for one of them. This particular hospital had tubs, which helped  a lot. Those are the three things that made the difference for me, no induction, having the extra labor support of a midwife or doula and the tub. And also want to add, they were straight...
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