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I'd like to hear the persepective of teaches and parents, If you feel your child loses some ground over the summer. I sometimes hear about this, but we are just starting K in the fall, so have no personal experience. Does this really happen, and if so in all subject areas, or is it mostly just reading?. what do you do , if anything, to help revent this?
Quote: I don't understand how you could love someone THAT much (as much as they describe) but yet have no problem leaving your kids. It is because they know that having a bit of time for yourself, leaves you refreshed to have time with your kids. YOu have to take care of your self to take care of others and constant caregiving is emotionally and mentally and physically exhausting. I live far from family so it is just me and my husband and we have no...
Based on these 2 issues (forgetting topick up a 12 year old and forgetting the time of a party) I don't think there is a reason to not let your mIL babysit. Every one does forget on occasion. Especially since you said the reason she babysits is to spend time with your kids, I don't see the problem. Your daughter is 12, unless she is really immature I would think she could call you if something was really off or inapropriate with Your MIL. She is old enough to babysit...
Quote: Or crazy option #3 - put it in the middle seat and use the inner two LATCH hooks from the outer seats as if they were meant for the middle seat? Do not do this, it is unsafe! I would choose the middle seat and us the seat belt. The latch system is not neccesarily better. I found in the particular combination of our car and car seat that we got a tighter fit using the seat belt, than the latch system, so we used the seat belt.
When you tired of people, say the baby is hungry and go feed her somewhere by yourself. Ask the boss's wife if there is somewhere in teh house you could nurse privately.
This sounds like a great solution for you and I bet that it will work out great. Don't feel guilty at all! In fact you may find you feel less guilty. She will have the advangtage of being wiht other kids, and you will have uninterupted time for school work, so that when you are together you can just focus on her.
we have a no climbing the slide rule and this is why: when my children were little toddlers they would see big kids climb, and they were definatly old enough and big enough to climb the slide independantly and not fall, but mine aren't so we had to have the no climb the slide rule. Also big kids, when alone at the park, definatly DO NOT always look out for little kids when climbing the slide, when running around the park plying their tag game, jumping off of the...
Quote: If you put a drop of ammonia (my grandma used windex) on a very fresh mosquito bite This is what is in the product "afterbite" If you scratch the bite to break the skin and then dab a drop on, it stings, but it instantly takes away the itch, and the itch does not return. It must neutralize it somehow. I don't know how it works, but it works great.
I Quote: might be making too much out of this but I wonder if DS’s feelings will somehow be hurt because his beloved “violin” is now not good enough? (this is the “am I losing my mind part?) No i don't think so, at that age, if he likes the pretend one he will play with it, if he likes the real one he will play with that one. If he does not like one of them, he will ignore it. I doubt very much he would play with the new violin, just because daddy...
I think I would make him pay for have of it by having to do extra chores , or aaround the house and set dollars amounts for them, or take it out of an allowance if he gets that, and warn him that next time he will have to pay the full cost
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