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I wouls skip the little people, I played with it a lot, all the kids did then, so I bought a lot for my kdis, but they had no interest in it at all, they will play with the vehicles a bit, that is it. It is very large and more for toddlers, but even when they were toddlers, they didn't play with it.
When they come to visit you, you could have some stuctured activities, like a craft or playdough, or something, or pull out some toys that mayybe haven't been played with in a while, most kids like lego at that age. Maybe put it away for when they come by
Quote: The world outside your door is often very different than the world within isn't it? I think that his the whole point of reading: to get outside your own world and into another. I don't need books to reinforce my beliefs because I am here in the flesh doing that day and night. I completely agree with this. I think it is so important to foster a love of learning, and as children start to read independantly I think it is more important that they...
my child does this, I so badly want to know what he does at preschool, but if I ask him anything he tells me " I don't want to talk about it" or "its a secret" or "I can't rmember" or "nothing" If he volunteers somthing I can get a few details, but only if he brings it up and he never remembers anyones name either.
Quote: what do you mamas think? try to communicate this "issue", or let it go? Let it go. They are gifts, unless specifically asked for a list, I don't think it is fair to tell anyone, including family what they should buy for your kids. Of course it is totallly up to you what you do with that gift. You could say in general terms, not in realtion to a specific gift giving time, you really like this type of toy or that type, or child reaaly loves...
Quote: My frustrated point today came when I was trying to change the youngest one so I could put her down for a nap. She was sleepy and sucking her thumb. Oldest DD came in and tickled her. I asked her not to do that because I was trying to get the baby down for a nap. She tickled her again. I asked her for the second time not to do it. Then I saw her reaching for the baby for the third time and I got frustrated with her and said, "WHAT did I just tell...
I think you are completely over reacting. Children have been playing in sand forever, how many cases of black lung do you know of? I am curious, will you also ban going to the beach? Think of it as risk vs. benefit. All the benfits of sand play, the fun, the pouring, the dumping, the use of imagination, the endless lessons in physics, vs a pretty miniscule chance of it making you sick. I personally think the benefits FAR outweigh the risks
Can you sit down with the caregivers and perhaps the director and discuss your concerns and then together outine a specific plan of action for the different types of behaviors, let them know what works at home. If it is consisitant from home to daycare it would be easier on him.
I think he is probably just curious. I have a 5 year old boy and no sisters and I could totally see him doing something like that. I remember my nieces being really curious and standing right next to me when I breastfeed. Kids that age are curious about things they don't see regularily, and not socially aware of modesty yest.
What bothered you more, the fact that it was someone else handling your baby and you felt protective, or the germ thing. I remember wiht my first I felt very protective and even people I know holding him bothered me, I just wanted him back, I didn't say anything because I knew I was being ridiculous. I think it is very much a firt time mom thing, with the second , having a newborn and a 2 year old hanging off of me all the time, I couldn't wait for someone else to take a...
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