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as a child growing up we didn't have an extra room for a spare room so if an adult came to visit, kids with double beds ere kicked out of their beds and slept on the floor in a siblings room.  When I left home, of course other guests slept in my old bedroom! I cannot imagine letting guests sleep on the couch when you have a perfectly good bed to sleep in.
I* am trying to remember some the  spelling sayings I learned as a child, but having trouble, Can anyone help me out.   so far I have   "i" before "e" except after "c"   the "e" makes the vowel say its name  (ex: kite)
I am assuming that most of the people on this thread with the lists have young children or live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else, because really, how would you know most of those things aobut people in your average community. When my school age children want to go a friends house I don't ask do you have lice? are you a sex offender and if so which level are you? (by the way what are the different levels of sex offender, I've never heard of that!)....
I haven't used one of these in years, so hopefully they are different, but I had the same experience and I can still bring to mind exactly how it felt. I'd wax anyday over this!
Mary. In my province each person would have to notify insurance and mary would end up paying her own detuctible and Sally wouldn't have to pay a deductible at all.
The way we handle this is you have to exchange like for like. We ran into a bit of a problem with this when my son was 5 and he was trading with a neighbor boy who was 8 and much more savvy about trading, so we had to have the like for like rule. Now my kids at age 7 and 9 trade all the time, it is pretty common at our school, but generally it would be trading pokemon cards or bey blades.
I would agree with this, it is what has happened in our family. I speak the dominant language and my husband speaks the non dominant language. He spoke only that language to our first, then the second came along and I and my first spoke English to the baby and my husband tended to take care of the older one rather than the baby, because I always had the baby, so the second had less exposure, then by the time the third came along, even less for him, as now there were two...
Janteloven, I've never heard of this and googled it. Really interesting. There is no word in English for this, but I have definitely seen that type of group thinking in the small town I grew up in and in other small groups. It is funny English has no word for this.
I thought I would feed my baby and my 2 year old would quietly sit beside me and we would read stories. I was so wrong! He took the opportunity of me sitting down to get into things, or he would sit beside me and bother the baby. Trying to nursing standing up while putting out fires was exhausting so nursing became quiet time for me. I 100% childproofed the main floor of the house, so there was nothing unsafe he could get into and I nursed upstairs in the bedroom with...
I wouldn't assume he was trying to sexualize her without more info. If my dad had had to buy me a dress, he would have picked the first one on the first rack in the first store, or he would have told me to pick it and he would have paid, without looking at the dress in either  case.
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