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Sep 7th from 11am to 4pm http://nahbe.com Featuring gift bags for the 1st 200 attendees, raffle with many prizes, babywearing dad's contest, meet the midwives, nursing lounge and changing area, eco friendly arts and crafts for the kids, babywearing workshops, experts in the field of vaccination and naturopathy.   Guest speakers, Dr. Jay Gordon, Dr. Stuart Fischbein and Jamie Lynne Grumet.
Heck no! That's how DH and I feel about having more babies. He's getting fixed and I'll be continuing to follow my cycles so we don't have an oops. It's never been a problem with us before, but we also didn't care if we came up pregnant. Now, that we care, we are super serious about preventing.
Congrat"s Sunshine! My baby boy was 8lb4oz too! Welcome to the world little one!!
  baby boy, 8lbs 4oz, not sure of length     Awww, he's my little angel :)
Wildmansmom, what a sweetie! Scruffy, that is a precious pic. You look like you're in heaven!
I've been MIA for a bit, but you and Anna have been in my thoughts. So glad to read that she is out of the NICU!
Thanks everyone for the wonderful thoughts! I'm so sorry i dropped out of sight for awhile and I'm just now seeing this. I was having so many issues with my ob practice and trying to keep myself in a good state of mind. Anyhoo- Supernova was born yesterday morning, perfectly healthy and happy and I'm enjoying every minute of him :)   His birth story has a couple twists and turns. I'll be typing up soon and posting.   Thanks again for all the love!!
1 day old. Supernova, born 3-23 at 720am  
I'm all kinds of late on updating, but I was in labor fri night to sat morning. Baby boy was born 3-23 at 720am!
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