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Hi Spughy!  I've always wondered, what does your screen name mean and what are on you and DH's heads in your avatar?
Hi MrsBerkeley!  I agree, it's so much fun for me to see my babygirl (almost 3 yrs old) getting ready for her sibling and reacting to his movements inside of me.    Will your little girl be at the homebirth? If so, how have you prepped her for it?
Wildmansmom, maybe it's just me, but I can't see your photo.
36 weeks or so   Belly eclipse :)       Not the prettiest picture, but I always look this tired now :)  
Ooh travel hacking sounds awesome! I love a good deal, especially with the prices of airfare these days. So glad that your pregmnancy has you feeling better!
Wow, Chapsie, I'm so sorry that your 1st birth was like that. It was tough to read, so i know it was difficult to live through. So glad you went on to have a wonderful VBAC and now the upcoming birth of this little one!
My daughter loves that thing and everytime I get it out, she declares it's hers. Probably because it was in her room for a good long while this past year.   Anyhoo- she took a spill on it a couple days ago and now she is okay with me using it and putting it away when I'm done. I'm not suggesting that your kids take a spill on it, but that's the only thing that stopped babygirl from acting like a maniac when it comes out!!
Love the bellies everyone! Lovely Mamas! I really need to get on the ball and take some more shots before baby arrives.
Babygirl will be 3 or just about when this baby arrives. We are birthing at home, so she will have all her comforts right there if and when she needs them. We also have 2 floors, so if she need to get away from the "action" for awhile, she can do that too. MIL will be here, so if she needs anything, MIL can get it for her and distract her as well.   I am also putting together somee activities for the both of them. A cake to bake and decorate for baby's...
((HUGS)) to you. So sorry you're in much pain. Hopefully the adjustment helps. I have very painful hips in pregnancy. Not a day goes by when I'm not in pain. I totally get it.
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