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Congrat's and welcome to the group! LOL @ Aint nobody got time for that!
Writermama, that's cute! I like how you came up the sides with the cord. I didn't even think of doing it that way!
  Thanks! Can't wait to see what you make!     I really don't know what I was doing. I just bought some elastic cord and put together the ones I thought looked great together, then added some of my own beads from re-purposed necklaces.     LOL!!! Thanks!
Ooh fun! I think this babe will come March 10th at around 230pm. This might just be wishful thinking because that would be the "perfect" day and time :)   I think I will go into early labor in the wee hrs of the morning and then things really get going around noon. 8lbs 5oz for weight.
I know, I was dumfounded when they told me. I won't be doing them, but I'm open to doing once I'm 40 weeks. Maybe even before then, depending on what's going on.   That's good you use them as relaxation time. If I do start up, I'll remember that and use that time to center myself and communicate with baby.
I made a necklace last week. Although it looked lovely, it didn't really speak to me. Also, I forgot a bead on there and really didn't want to leave it out. I remembered that during DD's birth I wore it around my wrist or in my hand most of the time, so why not make bracelets. Last night, I dismantled the necklace and made 6 bracelets. I love them        
Ha! This thread is so funny. Just the other day, DH was saying he never realized how many side effects there are with pregnancy :)   -Sex drive is on 10. DH has an aversion to sex with preggo me. The whole "I'm going to hurt the baby thing". So it's me myself and I most days. -I'm so hungry all the dang time, it's hard to keep up. We just came back from dinner at Yard House and now DH is making me a fruit salad, because I'm starving again -Hungry and Horny...
I totally agree with you and it bothers me when people say they use bottles, so Daddy can bond with the baby. There are SO MANY ways that Daddy can bond with baby. Snuggling, playing, rocking to sleep, just holding and gazing, etc   We started pumping a few weeks after DD, but that was because I had to stock up to get ready to go back to work. If that were not an issue, I would keep a couple bags in the freezer for later times when I'm out, but that's not something...
With my last birth, midwife had me do a warm water and tea tree oil sitz bath starting 2 weeks before testing. She had me swab myself for the test. It came back negative. If I had a pos, I planned to treat with garlic and probiotics and test again. She was open to that, but said she never saw a positive test with the sitz bath routine.   This time around, i am seeing a mainstream ob. I plan to start my sitz baths this week(I think my test is next week). I won't...
Hi Granolamama! So, with a name like granolamama, you must be super crunchy :) Tell me all about your crunchy lifestyle!
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