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Quote: Originally Posted by beaches1098 Hey Kara! Yes Joyce does do doula work also. We often work together and also do backup for each other as doulas. Carol P.S. You were amazing! Hey Carol!! Small world! Carol was at my homebirth as well, and was also great!
Quote: Originally Posted by isabchi We could try to have a Get Together sometime in late Agost or September. We're not sure when we'll be moving by, but I'd love to be able to go! I'll keep an eye out on this thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by pantrygirl Rant and Advise needed. So I guess my questions are: Is it normal for a 24 month old child to go to bed and fall asleep on his/her own? DS will be 2 on the 27th of this month. He does not go to sleep on his own. Through my pregnancy with DS2 we gently stopped nursing to sleep at night because it was driving me nuts with all the pregnancy hormones. So now he still nurses before bed, but not to sleep. He does...
I don't know about OBGYN's but Joyce Kimball was my homebirth midwife, and I believe she's a doula as well, and I LOVED her. She was so so supportive, I felt totally comfortable with her and totally trusted her. Good luck!
I'd love to hear about any like-minded groups IRL! I'll be moving to Bethel soon, and would love to meet some awesome mommies!
DS1 (23 months) has always nursed to sleep for his naps. Even through my pregnancy. Now we have DS2 (6 weeks). When DH is home, he keeps the baby and I'm able to peacefully nurse DS1 to sleep for his nap. Usually takes about 15 minutes. When I'm alone (most of the time) I give DS2 a paci (which I hate doing) and nurse DS1 and pray he falls asleep before DS2 throws a fit. It rarely happens. When DS2 starts crying, I'll roll over and nurse him to sleep in the bed and...
Thanks mama! It's so hard to know what to do! I'm going to PM you when I get a chance. Silly boy won't nap today! Ack!
Hi Mamas - I currently live in Mass, but DH works in Norwalk, CT. We are looking to move to Newtown or Trumbull, or Bethel, or the surrounding areas. I'm looking for info on the best school systems and the best area for kids, and kind of crunchy mamas. I have two boys, one is almost 2, and the other is 6 weeks. I still BF my 2 year old, we co-sleep with my youngest, try to practice gentle discipline, cloth diaper. I just don't want to move to a place where I feel...
Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Kara, SAHM to Ryan who will be two on the 27th and Will who is 6 weeks. We currently live in MA, but might be moving to CT.
Hi! I'm Kara, BFing, CDing, APing mama to a wonderful 9 month old little boy! I'm always up for learning more about parenting and I think other mama's are the best teachers!
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