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I do not remember my hubby putting our baby into sleep at all honestly and I never asked him to do it....
i guess 10 is a fine age. otherwise you'd feel uneasy thinking about his/her safety.
your kids would do fine at the wedding. my daughter when she was 2 y/o was all out to the idea but her gown turned out to be itchy on some part that she was already backing out minutes before the wedding. i bargained with her i would buy her favorite ice cream if she walked alone and gracefully at the wedding and she did it.
same here. just do it light and easy just the way kids do it.
if he's open to the idea then try it.
my daughter was out with underwear while she was potty training but now that she's trained she goes out with undies and sleeps w/o undies coz that's her choice and i let her.
i know that's upsetting. you could talk to him about what superheroes should be and since he's playing superhero he shouldn't be hitting harmless people and pets and things. it would also help i guess if you choose the movies and cartoons he watch. if you don't get any good result with this approach then you could always seek professional help. hope things get better on you soon.
yes we do. it's a must and that's the time for wrap-up talk about what happened the whole day.
tantrum is a thing they would have to outgrow..and that's just but normal for kids.
that's a favorite 3 y/o play. my daughter would pretend to be the mommy and me her child.
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