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Ya, my sister is a redhead in a family full of blondes and brunettes. My half sister got the red hair from dad too. I'm the odd girl out. J so looks like a boy to me. It's amazing how ignorant people are. I have people call Anna a boy whenever I have her in red. Heck, she's been in pink and called a boy too.
Same here and frustrated as well. Baby is 6 months. I bought a soother today to experiment with that.
Is anyone putting baby to bed any other ways than sucking? I'm getting frustrated that everytime Anna wakes (Esp. minutes after I put her to bed) she needs to be nursed back down. Bedtime is a 2 hr affair some nights. I'm starting to worry that I'll miss a window of changing this if I dont start trying now. I've tried singing and swaying and rubbing and patting but she just gets more worked up until she gets boob. Is there why point in trying to introduce a soother...
Popping in from April 2010 to say congrats!!
Thanks for the recipes! I would get the flu shot when I was working, but not sure I will now. We have never gotten it for the kids (except for h1n1).
She's always been happy to just hang out in the room with me. I use the opportunity to give her naked time on a towel. It's when she gets mobile that I'm going to find tricky.
So I just dropped one of my online aquaintances on FB. We met through baby loss and I supported her through a lot of her fears when she was pregnant, but since she's had her baby (a week before me) her ignorance is pissing me off. Solids in bottle, CIO, slamming her hubby publicly. Today's post about "letting her cry even if it's until 4am, she's not getting a bottle before then" was the last straw. I emailed her goodbye, suggesting she read NCSS and deleted her. Anna...
Just in this past week, at 5 1/2 months, is my baby going to bed at 7:30. She will wake a couple hours later and I nurse her again. Not sttn yet, but that's ok. I'm happy Noe that she's getting ready for bed earlier. We wake up at 7am.
P&h, playing strange for us is being shy/crying for people she doesnt know. Posted via Mobile Device
Pretty much since she was born. We only did gowns and sleepers during the day for the first few days. Posted via Mobile Device
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