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A NICU nurse at a local hospital posted on another board recently that she received an email saying the hospital was changing its policy to delayed cord clamping due to the overwhelming scientific evidence of the benefits. So, FINALLY, the word is starting to get out to the docs.
Hugs. But you know what? You would be getting this same kind of crap even if you weren't planning a homebirth. For some reason, people think a first time mom is fair game to be dictated to. I had a hospital birth with my first, but still got crap for planning an unmedicated birth, not using an OB (I had a family practitioner), and not getting a routine ultrasound. And then of course, there were all the parenting decisions that first year. The logistics of breastfeeding...
This doesn't exactly answer your question, but it has a very interesting historical perspective on why/how immediate cord clamping came into practice. And nowhere does it mention anything about the baby getting "too much blood" or the baby "losing blood" from the placenta.   http://www.midwiferyservices.org/umbilical_cord_clamping.htm   Here is a meta-analysis of several delayed cord clamping...
I forgot to mention that it is perfectly normal for bf babies to go days, or even a week, between poops at this age. That is not a sign that anything is wrong. However, if your dd does this, expect that next poop to be a huge explosion!
Camden was 7 lbs. 8 oz at birth, was around 9 lbs at 4 weeks and almost 10 lbs at 6 weeks.
I plan to get mine a gift card for coffee, some chocolate, and wine. :)
There's nothing wrong with your milk supply or your dd's growth. Seriously. Look at her. Does she seem healthy and thriving? If you didn't have any numbers to look at, would you think she was okay? Do you really expect her to stay at the 90th percentile her entire life? That means she would be heavier than 90% of the other children. With babies that's not significant, but obviously at some point she's going to "slow down," unless you or your dh are exceptionally large...
Grand Rapids Natural Parenting Group: http://www.michigannaturalparenting.com/grandrapids   Friends of Michigan Midwives: http://friendsofmichiganmidwives.org
Dh is on a futon with ds3 on the floor in our room, and baby and I are in the king-size bed. Ds3 is too wild a sleeper to be in bed with the baby, so this is what we're doing. But many nights, ds1 and/or ds2 end up coming in to sleep w/ dh on the floor, too. It gets a little crowded. We might need to switch ds4 and I to the futon so dh can actually get some sleep when the biggers crawl in. But, wow... the luxury I have being alone in the king with the baby! I haven't had...
ds1: 5 hours--but really 3 hours active ds2: 2 hours ds3: 3 hours ds4: 6 hours, and felt endless after my quicker previous labors.
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