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We got some for our wedding. Our porch swing sits right under them, so both our kids have spent hours staring fascinatedly at them. I'd have to vote "yes."
I can't help you with that cord, but a lot of my USB cables have the same ends on them, so I can use them on different equipment. The innards of the cables are the same, so if the ends match you can use them.
I got a 12. I knew I wasn't getting some of them quite right, because the lines between looked different (?) but my eyeballs were going to fall out if I kept at it.
My younger son is in a size 9.5 shoe. He was at the toes of his 8/9 crocs (three pair, grr) so I got him some 10/11's, which are pretty big on him but he seems to have adjusted quickly. He picked the orange ones and is very pleased with them.
I got my first pocket knife for my eighth birthday. Like a PP, I'd be most worried about him accidentally (or sorta-on-purpose) taking it to school and showing it to someone. I like the idea of keeping it at home on the windowsill.
Yeesh. Pay them back ASAP and then refuse to take any more. That's awful.
We didn't do Waldorf for that reason. I don't think my older son's a genius, but I do know that he's reading perfectly competently and I doubt he would've been happy baking bread for the next two years. If there were some sort of blended curriculum where reading was supported in addition to all the cool stuff they do at Waldorf, it would have been more of an option.
My older son does it, too. His little brother speaks in sentences, but not clearly, and I guess he was in the wants-to-be-a-baby camp too. Nothing like having one's expressive, articulate preschooler suddenly start using one-word grunts to communicate.
I don't like the new suits because when I first walk in the room I can't figure out whether they're girls or boys. Everyone has a rubber head, bug eyes, huge shoulders, and no body hair.
My hubby's ongoing degree is something like $7K per semester, including books and fees. Fulltime summer session is another $3K.
New Posts  All Forums: