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Does anyone know if these are required by NJ state law? I have heard differing information. I will be delivering at Hunterdon Hospital - any experience with declining there? Thanks
also i would suggest as a general rule (especially if yeast is a recurrent problem) avoid sugar as much as possible. there are lots of things on the internet about candida you can look into for more details.
you could call your local county bar association or legal services for a referral. the public defenders office has a special office for dyfs cases you could call them and ask for a referral as well.
the title says it all! willing to drive some distance out of the area. Thanks!
thanks for all of the replies/info so far. it is really a tough decision and there is so much conflicting information out there!
I am O- and struggling to decide whether to take the prenatal rhogam. DH is being tested this week for his blood type. I have seen a lot of differing opinions (mostly on the internet) and am looking for current info on the topic. It is my understanding that thimerosal was taken out in 2001 and that the current injections on the market are thimerosal free. any reason to believe this is inaccurate? I have seen on numerous sites that while RH- mothers constitute roughly...
Thanks anyway resolved my own question
Hello all First time mom here (almost 20 weeks pregnant)trying to find a pediatrician who is open to non-vaccination or at least delayed/spread out vaccinations. I am willing to travel a bit. Don't even know where to begin to find one! Any help is much appreciated!
i am pregnant for the first time and pretty clueless so i am hoping that i can get some info on all women's healthcare. i have an appointment there this month. i would like to have a natural child birth and am concerned about unnecessary medical interventions, etc. i have read that this group has obs and midwives -do you have to see the ob or can you tell them that you prefer to birth with a midwife? how does labor work - does whoever is on call work with you or do you...
hi all i am new here and hoping you can help! i am about six weeks pregnant and work in a public courthouse and am concerned about H1N1 and other illnesses. i do not intend to get the H1N1 or flu vaccines. i see contradictory information about elderberry use and pregnancy. is it safe?
New Posts  All Forums: