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aww I love redhead babies, I am the proud auntie of one. congrats and welcome!
I would LOVE to be minimalist I am probably no where close yet, although I am on my way. The thing I don't think I will be able to be minimalist with is kids clothes/baby clothes they are just too cute
I posted about my 5 month old having thrush last week and some helpful mama's told me to use grapefruit extract stuff which I had, so I have been using that as directed but it doesn't seem to be clearing up, however it is not spreading to me or getting worse, what to do? continue or should I schedule her an appointment with a ped. to get a prescription for something? It really doesn't bother her right now and she is nursing just fine.
Let me add there was a huge difference in having a midwife I loved over having an OB I didn't, with this last my midwife had no problem with me going home with baby 2 hours after giving birth if that was what I wanted to do, she also told the nurse to back off and I had no IV. I cannot say I would have enjoyed a hospital birth if such things were forced upon me, even if I said no, then it would be a whole different story.
I grew up surrounded by home birth, UC birth, thus I have no fear of birth, yet now I am a mother with 4 children, first hospital birth with midwife, second UC home birth to a 10 pound baby boy, no problems and easy easy labor,3rd hospital birth with OB, don't recommend it, 4th Hospital birth with wonderful midwife. I get a lot of question why I went back to hospital birth after having a wonderful UC home birth, is this weird? or wrong for me to prefer to have my baby's...
I just today noticed what appears to be thrush in my 5 month olds mouth, I have dealt with thrush once before where we went to the doctor and were prescribed a medicine, however I was interested to know if anyone else had suggestion for dealing with thrush without going to the doctor, I have heard that yogurt may help, vinegar,baking soda mix as well for cleaning my self before breastfeeding and after so it doesn't spread. If you know of anything else PLEASE any...
When my two year old jabbers on and on and gets so very excited when I understand and start talking about whatever it is with him. When my 7 year old reads something I didn't know she could, or when one of her brothers is feeling bad and she just hovers over them taking care of them, hey sympathy skills are amazing! when my 5 year old says thank you and really means it, or See's something that he really wants to get for me, like last month he insisted I need the...
I think it's wonderful to play with your children, I am trying to do it more and more and I can tell they really appreciate it when I do.
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