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Hahaha... every time I see that picture, it amazes me how gorgeous you look!   And seriously... could you guys get to Washington in the next week or so?  Our DHs could entertain all of our boys, while you stick a kebob up my cooter!  LOL... I would totally wind up having to do that, btw.  My water has never broken on it's own... no matter how much I push.  Amniotic sacs of steel!!!  
I never get tired of reading your birth story.  :) Oh yeah... and have I mentioned how much I hate you for looking so ridiculously amazing, while sitting on the bathroom floor with a placenta/umbilical cord hanging out of your body?     ~Jaime
He's head down now!  Yay!
I watched a video of someone having the webster technique done, and it looked totally pain free!  The ECV... yeah... lol.  I don't love the idea of that at all.  Not to mention, I've read that some women are encouraged to take muscle relaxers, or even get an epidural for the ECV???  If I don't want to be exposed to an epidural for birth, why in the world would I want one beforehand?
I'm going to see my midwife for my 36 week check shortly... at 34 weeks, she  believed the baby was breech.  She said that if he still was at 36 weeks, she'd send me for an u/s, and then talk about an ECV.     I do not want to wind up at a hospital, being cut open.  I've already delivered 3 babies, with absolutely no problems, so I know that my pelvis is perfectly capable of birthing a baby's head.  I'm assuming that my midwives will not deliver me if they know he's...
Right!?  I would die if our old principal said that me...
Blah.  So, do you guys do anything to get out of the house?  Play groups or anything like that...?  This is DS's first year of HSing, and I don't want him to miss being around kids his own age once in a while.  He plays with his 3.5yo brother all day long, and hasn't complained yet, but who knows.     I did find one group that met up at a church, but the actual group didn't seem to be religion based at all.  It seemed that this was just the place they found that was...
I agree that your principal has a screw loose...lol.  I understand that it is distracting for one child to be upset in front of all the other children... but you are HER mama only, and it's your job to make sure that SHE is okay.  Not the entire class.  I couldn't just let a teacher/principal/etc. pry my crying child away from me, and walk away like it wasn't happening.  It also seems kind of uncalled for that he would tell you that you're causing yourself legal...
lol... I feel like there are some around here that are not religious... I just apparently suck at finding them.     I have a second grader too!  And a 3.5yo, and a 2yo... and one more coming at the end of October.    How far is Mill Creek from the Bellevue area?  Not too bad, right?  Like... Bothell-ish?  I've lived here for 10 years, and I still don't know where I am half the time...lol!
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