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  Ah yes, the Kanna thread...lol.         Their excuse: “…malpractice information is a poor indicator of a physician's quality.”   Gee, I’d get reamed in this forum for saying the same thing about negligent midwives….   I *could* make the case that these doctors don’t want to release their data because, among other malpractice and negligence issues, too many obstetricians are responsible for preventable neonatal deaths and don’t want the public to know.  Sound familiar? ...
Do any of you mamas know of any actual studies that I can link people to?  I'm trying to find credible information, showing that homeschooled children DO attend college, and do well.  There is a "debate" on another forum, and I'm so sick of these people's comments that most HS'd kids are socially awkward, and have "patchy knowledge".  These people aren't providing any resources for their statements... it's just somehow what they know.    One of the ladies says that her...
  When I try to click on the link you posted, it brings me to this thread...lol.  
Totally agree with you!  I don't care to search out any evils-of-homebirth discussions, but when someone linked me to that blog, I was kind of surprised.  I can't believe how... unprofessional that "doctor" is.  She used the phrase "dead babies piling up" in one of her posts... And I absolutely see what you mean about her seeing HB deaths as points on her side.  It's pretty disturbing.
Okay, after looking around a bit, I'm realizing that she's well known for bashing HB, and HBing mamas...lol. I'll crawl back under my rock now.  
Has anyone seen this blog...?  Someone posted it on another forum that I'm part of.  She said she was appalled by it, and several other women came in to say that they didn't understand what was appalling.  (This other site is very... uh... not MDC, lol).   http://skepticalob.blogspot.com/          
  I just now realized that I had responses to this thread!  I'm going to call my ND tomorrow and ask her about the Drenatrophin.  I'm guessing it isn't something I'd take while still pregnant...?  
What. The.    I would be livid if I were in your situation and my DH said that to me!  I'm curious how he would handle being in your EXACT situation... right down to the pregnancy.  I'm 32 weeks pregnant, have a 2yo, a 3yo, and HSing my 7yo.  It is sooo overwhelming... and I don't have the added stress of teens or unwilling kids!!!   I don't have any advice, as this is our first year HSing... but I just wanted to say that I think you're doing exactly what YOU feel is best...
That's what I'm using.  
We can write first!  We just went to the zoo on Sunday, and got a few more postcards.  I'll message you our address.
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