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  I am sooo in love with your kitchen/dining area!  That cupboard set up is awesome, and exactly what I need to make happen!  So far, I've only got one to worry about as far as "school" goes, but my 3.5yo will want his space too, I'm sure.... and then I've got a 2yo who needs to be busy.  I love the big tubs on the bottom shelf for the younger kids.  
I love the magnetic cards idea!  That sounds like something my son would totally be into.  
We have a black fridge too... but I think the kids will love using the glass part of the double doors to write on.  Although, I'm sure my 2yo will think that means it's a free for all to write on any wall/door/etc.
Are you doing anything "schoolish" with your 3yo?  I have a 3.5yo, but don't have anything really planned for him, other than what he chooses to do while I'm working with his brother.     I wish I lived a little closer to you!  I'm trying to find some type of HS group, so that my boys have other kids to meet up with once in a while.    
Thanks so much!  I was thinking that maybe if I took things one week at a time, it might work out better.  I was worried for the exact reason that you pointed out... I want to be able to expand on things when DS shows interest in something.  If he wants to continue learning about dinosaurs for a month or more, I want to be able to go with that, as opposed to feeling like we need to move on to the next "thing".   I keep telling DH to just trust me for this one year....
This will be our first year HSing (DS is 7, attended ps for K and 1st), and I feel like I have all the materials that we need... I just feel unsure about the planning aspect of it all.  I picked up several Spectrum workbooks (2nd grade math, 2nd grade language arts, etc.), as well as a huge workbook (FlashKids?) that says it's a complete curriculum for 2nd grade.  I also picked up lots of little cheapie books in the dollar section at Target.  I think those will be useful...
I'm not sure where in the PNW you are, but my DH is a title officer here in Seattle.  He said he could get you in touch with a short sale negotiator.  
Hahahahaha!!! He needs a support group.  
Still going to take pics of our area, just to see if anyone has any good ideas for me!  I need DH's phone though... my camera batteries are dead, and my phone is ancient.  (I refuse to conform and get a touch screen.  )
lol... I think DS (he's 7, by the way) just wanted the desk because it's "his own" workspace.  Every single time he tries to sit at the kitchen table and do something with the younger boys, my 2yo inevitably climbs up on the table, and colors on his paper, or grabs a handful of his playdough, etc., etc.  Today they were painting rocks (making little rock people), and just as 7yo DS got his googly eyes glued on, my 2yo reached over and swiped his rock with a paint brush....
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