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Good point.  And, I actually got 2 lap size white boards in the dollar section at Target... so I suppose a full size type is very unnecessary.     I fear that I'm totally going to overdo everything this year, because I have NO clue what I'm doing, or what's going to work for us.  
I was actually wondering about that!  I'm going to go try it right now... if that works, it would be awesome.      
I'm not being evasive.  I simply don't agree with you, so there was no point in acknowledging all of the dramatic things you kept saying.  Agree to disagree, no arguing necessary.     I thought that little bit of info that MWErika posted was pretty crazy, and didn't really feel like I needed to elaborate.  I have 3 young children to care for, I'm very much pregnant, I'm prepping for the start of our homeschool year, and I have a home to maintain.  I honestly do not have...
What is your setup like?  Still have a dining room table?  Does your HS child/ren have a desk, or just use the table?  Do you keep all of your supplies there as well?     My dining room is pretty small.  It has double doors (to outside) that take up one wall, and a large window that takes up quite a bit of another wall.  (I'm thinking I should take a pic and post it....)   Anyway, I *almost* threw the dining room table outside last night, because we bought DS a...
Watching...       My 7 year old saw one of those specials on 9/11 a couple of months ago.  He was pretty curious about it all.
I got an email back from one of the doulas I emailed!  Woohoo!  Going to meet with her some time next week.
That's awesome that you've got your Bradley Method teacher to help you!  How handy is that?  haha...  I still have yet to hear back from either doula that I emailed.  I checked craigslist as well, but there was no one in this area.  
lol!  I replied to your PM before I read this.  I would LOVE to go try out the class... just afraid of looking like a sissy...haha!  
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