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Thanks so much for taking my pol! :) I would love your thoughts on this idea as well.
thank you! NICE... 3 hen limit is PERFECT. ha!  I started with 9 ladies but a local coyote stocked up her freezer for winter... :(
Hey there Portland, OR!!!! So, I've never been to your corner of the world, but as a very liberal vegan... I think it's probably where I NEED to live! AND, luck would have it, that we need to make a major life change before we are in total financial and emotional ruin. SO, we're trying to figure out where to move to- sight unseen (as we cannot afford to "check out" an area before moving).    Tell me what you love AND hate about the area?  What "neighborhoods" should...
Hi there southern mamas! We're looking for the perfect place to grow some roots. We're old (40) and have an 8 year old active son. My son and husband are vegetarians and I'm a vegan. I'm currently unemployed and my husband is a builder.  We are/were very much child-led parents.  We're looking for a place mild in temps, veg friendly, dog friendly, lower cost of living and still reasonably rural, yet with job oppertunity for my husband to make money.  Do you think...
that's disgusting.
bunnies are not good pets for children under 12. The skin tears. They can break their backs. They may bite if treated roughly. They can have heart attacks. I would not ever suggest a rabbit for a child. regardless of my opinion on that... you need to make sure you have a vet that is experienced with rabbits. Otherwise you could cause more harm than good! Spay is about 100 and neutering about 40-60. In this country rabbits do not need vaccines. Rabbits are susceptible...
love it. My son is an only child and we get so tired of "playing"... the Wii allows us to do something together we ALL enjoy! PLUS, I'm an introvert. i do not want to join others to Zumba or work out. I've been doing the Wii since March and have lost 20+lbs.
what a beautiful baby!! and Isla is a lovely name. ENJOY
no meat in our kitchen. I simply say that we "keep a vegetarian" kitchen. For our health and out of respect for our ethical and moral beliefs.
my son is picky. he gets stuck on something and keeps it forever! Luckily, he has pretty healthy tastes! Lately he eats a homemade organic pumpkin muffin (with chocolate chips) and a hard boiled egg. every day. quick easy healthy.
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