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BLUE!!! still no name 7lb7oz 18.5" born at 3:54pm Pictures maybe tomorrow. The birth was amazing and went really well. I started feeling pressure waves around midnight. They were very consistent about about 5 minutes apart. I put on a hypnobabies track and tried to get as much rest as I could. In the morning a part of me felt like I had been up all night, but at the same time I was surprisingly well rested. Elliot got me up for the day at 7:30 and as soon as I...
I wasn't checked last time around. This time I decided to check myself. No dilation, probably 75% effaced. I felt devastated since yesterday when I did the check (39w today). I say skip the exam. I wish I hadn't checked myself.
*raises hand* someone PLEASE get this thing out of me. I had my son at 39w, I'm 39w today and there are no signs of an impending baby. I'm done, so so done.
meh I'm still here! I'll be 39w tomorrow. My son was born at 39w. But I think chances are very slim that the baby will be born tonight. DH thinks I'm going to go overdue, I just hope I don't go all the way into February, I just might have to kill someone.
I'm here.... not due till the 26th tho. I'm totally okay with still being pregnant. Last week was very emotional as somehow I convinced myself I will have the baby at 37w. But now I feel like there is still a lot to get done, and so I'm just going to ride it out and let the baby come when its ready. Though I am very uncomfortable and sleep is tough.
at this point in pregnancy the measurements become less accurate because they depend so much on the baby's position. I was always measuring on track, then at 37w I went down to 33cm and then at 38w I was up to 34cm. The drop at 37w did happen to coincide with the baby dropping down into the pelvis.
Pretty much every one of my clients has chosen to sneak food and eat it. Mushy bland foods are good.
turn off your computer turn off your phone tell the front desk at the hospital the specific names of people you will allow, tell them to send everyone else away. Ask them to keep your room number private Go take a bath and forget about this. Its their issues not yours. Good luck tomorrow!
So in the spirit of self discovery I just could not hold off on checking myself. I've been reading a few midwifery sites that describe what to look for and what to feel for. Considering the awkward position I really couldn't gauge how far dilated I am. But I most definitely felt the head, and when I pressed on it gently it moved. It was so freaking amazing. I felt this instant connection with the little one. I'm declining internal checks unless absolutely medically...
s I could have written your post word to word, except that I'm not even 38 weeks yet and have been feeling this way for two weeks now. Its 10am right now, I've been up since 7:30 and I'm ready for a nap. To make matters worse I haven't even done anything today, just spent all morning sitting on the sofa and eating breakfast.
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