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Only suggestions I have are to look into solar power instead of tapping into the grid. And also steel homes. Though I don't know how 'eco friendly' they are but they are virtually indestructible and low-maintenence (no termites etc). You could just build the frame of steel and then use whatever you want for the rest to give it a strong foundation. Sounds awesome though, we are about to do the same  Buy some cheap land and slowly build our house with what we save in rent!  
Anybody here take their family and live full time on the road in a motorhome, RV or similar? If so what is it really like? What parts are difficult? Especially things you might not think of before living that way. How did you go with small children on board? How did you manage laundry? What about cloth diapers? Anything else I should be aware of?   We are thinking of doing this permanently and just wondering if the reality is as good as the fantasy and what we need to...
Gently, is this really someone you want in your life?   He doesn't respect you and he made it clear what he thinks of you as a person and a mother. He is not going to change. If it were me, I would cut off all contact with him immediately because maybe he won't call CPS, but do you really want to take that chance? He does not have your best interests at heart here. And is that the kind of male role model you would want the baby being exposed to? Someone who believes...
Anterior just means it is at the front- not at the bottom. As the uterus grows the placenta is usually drawn upwards with it. If it was far away from the cervix/scar before it will not be closer now. It doesn't 'move' as it is firmly attached to the uterus. 
It does come out very far, like a lot of twins I have seen, but some women just have that anyway when pregnant. How tall are you, mama? Do you feel pretty normal for your full-term size now that you're further along? Looking forward to hearing how many it ends up being 
I got one at 7dpo- for triplets. Not to scare you or anything lol 
Any update mama?
Yay, Thanks Almi- off to watch now :)
I have heard flats are easy for hand-washing. However I don't think I would want to deal with it unless I had access to running water (both hot and cold) and a big laundry sink or tub to wash them in. Or maybe if you had a wonder-washer or something like the above poster mentioned to put them in. Is the water situation likely to improve before the baby comes?
Maybe it's only for triplets then  I thought it was all multiples, but maybe I only took the information relevant to me...My bad 
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